Fashion Week Fave: Is the twinning trend really winning?

Izzy Patterson talks seeing double on the streets of the fashion capitals

26th October 2015

Female friendships have a habit of developing a telepathic, sixth sense connection over time. As girlfriends, we know whether to order the other an extra glass of wine or not (always the former), exactly when to exmploy our wing-woman duties, and synchronise those death stares perfectly – so is it any surprise that our style begins to do the same? A habit we would have once kicked sees the unintentional convergence of dressing, presenting itself amongst a new crop of lady friends. It isn’t about a Single White Female total conversion into recreating your girl’s physical identity, nor a Pink Ladies group praxis; but simply ‘twinning’ in a subconscious synchronization. Where complementary colour palettes and congruent patterns immerse on a shopping trip or lunch date, begin to create an almost editorial-looking fashion fluke. A once frowned upon idea of dressing the same as your best friend, would have led to several cringe worthy moments and frantic changes, is now an it-girl motion headlining all friendship goals.

‘‘As the saying goes, keep your best friends close; in this case make sure to keep your best dressed ones closer'

This vogue of comparable aesthetics is spreading rapidly through a handful of bloggers and A list duos, who are combining looks to create an effortless girl band chic. Fashion blogger Zanita Whittington was snapped on numerous occasions at Australian Fashion Week dressed in parallels to her BFFL Jessica Stein. Whittington was quoted saying, ‘The more time we spent together, the more our styles blended’.

Celebs from across the industry have further portrayed this idea, with music-making duo Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss pictured at a basketball game wearing matching black and denim colour schemes, as well as catwalk-storming Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss both attendding a red carpet event shining in silver flapper-style frocks and finally, triple-threat Cara Delevingne, Rihanna and Georgia May Jagger, flaunting their friendship in matching primary brights and show off stripes.

The Olsen twins consistent colour blending and boho vibes could lead you to believe they are prewired for analogous dressing; but this double imaging has us looking twice at their recognizable statement exterior, which is always Instagram ready. This exhibition of matchy-matchy is recieving a trendy makeover, producing significant statements that have the power to take on fashion weeks - I guess anything is possible with your best friend at your side!

This sartorial osmosis is far from new to the fashion world, it’s simply a current craze that I believe should have caught on a long time ago… The likes of mega girl groups such as Destiny’s Child, Girls Aloud and the Spice Girls have been enforcing this movement for the past decade. Much like the significance behind friendship bracelets, connecting your style with your friends amplifies your identities, demonstrating strength and rigor to any passerby and indicating that you are a force to be reckoned with. This truly is a girl power movement in the making, an identi-fashion to take on pop culture. As the saying goes, keep your best friends close; in this case make sure to keep your best dressed ones closer.

instagram: @peaceloveshea

instagram: @peaceloveshea

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