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News from universities across the UK

Sima Nikolaeva
23rd November 2015
News from universities across the UK


University offers scholarships to refugees

The University of Strathclyde has become the first Scottish university to offer scholarships to refugees. The scholarships will cover tuition fees and provide a study allowance of  £2,000. They are available to both undergraduate and taught postgraduate students not eligible or denied funding from relevant government bodies such as SAAS. The scholarship has been developed in collaboration with the University of Strathclyde’s Student Association and the Scottish Refugee Council to help those staying in the UK on humanitarian grounds to overcome barriers in progressing to higher education. In the light of recent Home Office policies amendments in relation to asylum seekers Strathclyde hopes such initiatives will help talented international students, who are usually not eligible for this kind of funding, to get into university.


Mock EU referendum

Last week students from The University of Kent voted at a fictive EU referendum to express their position on UK’s potential decision to leave the Union. Organized by AEGEE (European Students’) Canterbury, the event had 532 people in attendance with 435 students (82 per cent) voting in favour of and 86 (16 per cent) against remaining in the EU. The emphasis is being continuously placed on possibility of putting Erasmus programmes in jeopardy in case of voting No. “It is abundantly clear that the UK’s membership of the European Union has an overwhelmingly positive impact on our world-leading universities, enhancing university research and teaching” said Dame Julia Goodfellow, a vice-chancellor of the University of Kent and president of the Universities UK group of more than 130 educational institutions, earlier this year at launch of pro-Europe campaign in London.


Stagecoach and SU promote society safety

Warwick SU and Stagecoach have recently established an agreement allowing university’s Clubs and Societies to hire Stagecoach buses for nights out. To order their own bus, clubs and societies just need to contact Stagecoach representative and inform him of when and how many people they are expecting with at least a week’s notice. Many Warwick SU society officers are very optimistic about this development and express their willingness to rely on the night service when planning their future events. “This is a very kind offer from Stagecoach which we will definitely make the most of for future events like our ball”, said Sophie Hughes from Warwick Rowers. “Free buses will mean more of what they do best and more accessible socials for Freshers”, suggested Kerim Wiltshire from WarwickSnow.


Walk out shows solidarity with international students

On 17th November thousands of students across the country took part in a national walkout demonstration to support international students and denounce government changes to foreign policy. Supported by NUS and National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts, students were urged to walk out of classes, and stand in solidarity with international students to oppose legislative amendments. A mock checkpoint was set up at UCL where students were asked to sign in at a ‘border’ before entering to stress the situation many international students are forced to live through as part of their experience. The NUS international students’ officer Mostafa Rajaai reiterated demonstrators’ intention to send ‘a clear message’ to the Government about students’ strong dissatisfaction with ’the attitude and direction’ the UK has adopted regarding immigration.

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