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15th February 2016

Guest lecture leads to outbreak of violence- King's College London

An investigation is being launched by Kings College London after a pro-Israel talk held at the university led to an outbreak of violence, believed to be from a Pro-Palestinian group. The building had to be evacuated after demonstrators from the KCL Action Palestine group intruded and began throwing chairs and smashing windows. They also set the fire alarm off more than fifteen times. It is estimated that over two hundred people attended the event organised by Esther Enfield, a member of the KCL Israel society. Enfield was assaulted during the event. Fifteen police officers were called to the scene to break up the violence, however it has been reported that no arrests have been made as of yet. A former head of the Israeli secret service Shin Bet and commander in chief of the navy, Ami Ayalon, was present at the lecture.

Protest over rent fees- University College London

More than 150 students at University College London are refusing to pay rent as a form of protest against the rising costs of student accommodation. The average rent has increased by over fifty percent since 20009 for individuals studying at UCL. Many students have to rely upon other sources of income, whether it is borrowing money from relatives or finding part-time employment, as they struggle with the affordability of living in the capital city. Protesters are believed to be living in Ramsay Hall, where rooms cost between £159 to £262 per week, and Max Rayne House, which charges £103 to £232. The protesters hope that the university will meet their demands of reducing rent by forty percent.

Breathalyser at uni bars

Students at Cardiff University are being subjected to breathalyser tests prior to entering union bars. The scheme is designed to discourage students from drinking excessive amounts of alcohol before going out, however it will not necessarily mean that students will consume a lesser amount of alcohol. Some have claimed that it is a money making scheme to encourage students to purchase more drinks from the bar, Those over the drink driving limit will be denied entry inside. The breathalysers

have been funded through the Welsh Government Substance Misuse Action Fund and have been endorsed by police and local authorities.

Medicine society banned

The University of Liverpool has banned a student medical society after they allegedly mocked anti-rape campaigners. The university has said that they will no longer recognise Liverpool Medical Student Society, which was first established 170 years ago. The LMSS will not be allowed to book or use any of the facilities or services provided by the university, nor will they be able to promote the society or affiliated events. The university will not reference the medical society in their publications and a number of doctors who studied at the institution will remove themselves from the alumni society. The LMSS has over 1500 members and over one hundred guest lecturers attend the university each year. An investigation conducted by the University of Liverpool into the LMSS reveals that its annual charity dinner was traditionally only attended by men which conflicts with equality legislation.

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