2016: A Fashion Round-up

Fashion Editor Izzi Watkins revisits the good, the bad and the ugly of 2016 fashion.

Izzi Watkins
28th November 2016

As it draws to a close 2016 for many, will be a year to be forgotten. David Bowie’s untimely death in January seemed to set the precedent for a year of the unexpected and the downright depressing. The world of fashion has however marched on regardless, donning crocs on its way no less (the ultimate unexpected).

In the centenary year of British Vogue we were gifted with a rare peek behind those hallowed Condé Naste doors and in her first book the usually private Schulman bared all. It wasn’t just a year of firsts for the British edition however; Kendall Jenner and Lily Rose Depp debuted on the magazine’s French and American covers. Both went on to cement their supermodel status with iconic ensuing Calvin Klein and Chanel campaigns, meaning hardly a day would go by without us seeing their (perfectly formed) faces staring out at us... we’re not bitter we swear.

Despite twelve hugely successful covers (The British Vogue June issue was one of the best selling of all time) the magazine has continued to court controversy. Waging war first on streetstyle, and more recently on cleavage- the condemnation of boobs and bloggers led many to question whether 100 years on, Vogue’s finger slipped from the pulse.

In regards to trends, the 90s revival reigned on; seeing the slip dress slink its way into our wardrobes, the high street once again proved that imitation is the highest form of flattery. Topshop and Primark alike churned out variants of the 90s staple in every cut, colour and cloth imaginable. Vetements and FCUK also ensured that the logo T shirt came back in a big way, both sold out of their new lines of cult T-shirts in hours. And although it’s unlikely many Newcastle students will have bagged one, it was a trend we fully got on board with: Calvin Klein and Adidas logo tees took the Toon en masse, flooding the floors of the Robbo and Digi with a sea of vintage labels that wouldn’t look out of place paired with some socks and sandals on your dad.

Perhaps less surprising was that the great body debate raged on with as much furore as ever. Whilst there did seem to be some progress made towards a more body positive and inclusive industry, including Vogue’s first ever ‘real’ women issue’ (does this mean all models up until this point have been fake women? Is Kate Moss actually a synth? The questions are endless).  On closer inspection however, progress was perhaps less than we would have liked, Gigi Hadid and Cara Delevingne were both caught up in media storms after allegations they had been turned down for certain shows for being too ‘fat’ or ‘bloated’. As well as this there has been a somewhat worrying emergence of a corset trend, initiated by Prada and Balmain and endorsed by the Kardashian clan.

2016 seems to have passed us in a flash of fashion weeks, florals and flares. I’m quite sure that even the saviest of fashion forecasters would have struggled to predict 2016 would be the year of the croc, let alone the year of the brightly coloured pantsuit (credit to ultimate nasty woman, Hilary for that one). Looking to the future I’m in no doubt that many surprises await us in 2017, perhaps this time next year we will all be donning the darkest shade of St Tropez a la Trump?…or not.

On the Fashion Section's PINK Scale:

  1. High Street Collabs- With the likes of Kenzo and Alexa Chung teaming up with our fave brands, merely dreaming of a designer wardrobe is a thing of the past
  2. Kendall J- dominating catwalks and covershoots Kendall is unstoppable

  3. Ugg Boots (?!)- In October Alexa Chung teamed up with Ugg to inject some much needed flare

  4. Cleavage- Vogue has called for the end of cleavage: this justifies an entire new wardrobe of pretty triangle bras right?

  5. Being Cold- this season has seen the meteroric rise of hyge inspired cosy puffa jackets and blanket scarves- Newc students approve!

  6. Skinny Jeans- 2016 was without a doubt the year of the denim straight leg; see ya later skinnies!

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