2017: A Fashion Forecast

Lois Johnston predicts sunny skies with a sprinkling of tulle and band Ts

Lois Johnston
12th December 2016
Instagram: @houseofholland

We have had a pretty disastrous year, politically, economically, not to mention it hasn’t been great for many treasured celebrities who sadly left us this year. However, one of the few positives to have come out of 2016 is the fashion. This year we have seen the re-emergence of camo prints, velvet, embroidery, and puffer jackets to name just a few. But the question remains, which styles are going to make the cut and stick around into 2017 and beyond?

Towards the end of this year, we saw the emergence of ruffles and statement sleeves. At the beginning, I swore this trend wasn’t for me and actively avoided it. However, as the months went by, and brands such as Topshop began to release their own spin on the trend, I began to warm to it. Sometimes, this trend can be taken very seriously and, as we saw in many SS17 catwalks, is not for the faint hearted. However, if you’re someone who likes to follow trends and stay up to date with fashion, but also want to keep it simple, there are plenty of subtler takes on this trend that are out there on the market.

“Anyone who knows me knows that half of my wardrobe is a light dusky pink (if it’s not broke don’t fix it, right?)”

Possibly my favourite trend to be going into 2017 is the band t-shirt. Back in September at London fashion week, Henry Holland celebrated a decade of his brand with a modern take on his old-school slogan t-shirts. “I’m yours for a tenner, Kendall Jenner” and “Let’s breed Bella Hadid” were just a few of the bold rhymes that filled his oversized t-shirts styled as dresses. Band t-shirts are also set to make a comeback next season with lots of different takes on them. For example, with make-shift chokers made out of the neckline or lattice fronts. I feel this is one for all types of people as they can look super casual but also be dressed up when needed.

One trend I feel is a going to grow and grow into the new year is tulle. In skirts, dresses, tops – everything. It is by far one of the most transitional trends to have emerged this year, and can be a subtle slip of tulle underneath a sweatshirt, or you can take the trend a lot further and have a full tulle dress. For example, Topshop’s Petite Mesh Overlay Mini is a great versatile piece which can be worn over jeans, or alone. One trend I wish was never out of fashion is pastel pink. Anyone who knows me knows that half of my wardrobe is a light dusky pink (if it’s not broke don’t fix it, right?). And I think this is a great way of brightening up an otherwise black wardrobe, without having to add too much colour.

Trends which have been set to become big next year, and are worthy of a mention, include bralets and preen. In the words of Queen Meryl Streep: “Florals? For Spring? Groundbreaking.” If you were wanting to take on the preen trend, however, and steer it away from the type that looks like your grandma’s curtains, it could be an idea to dress it up with a leather jacket and boots to give it a grunge look.

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