2020 Met Gala - about time: fashion and duration

Belinda Lloyd shares what we can expect for the iconic Met Gala in 2020.

Belinda Lloyd
25th November 2019
Instagram; @theebillyporter

The Metropolitan Museum of Art has finally revealed next year’s Gala theme and we can only anticipate the variety of looks we’ll see, both good and bad.

Next year’s theme, About Time: Fashion and Duration, opens up a wardrobe of possibilities for the A-list celebrities attending the event. With Zendaya, Lady Gaga and Billy Porter among the list of tens that are expected to bring jaw-dropping looks to the table, we can only hope that Rihanna is attending this year to maintain her legacy. Though with such a diverse yet unique theme, it’s possible that amid the array of out-of-the-box designs there will be a stray tuxedo or mini dress sticking out like a sore thumb.

It only seems fitting that next year’s theme acknowledges issues occurring outside the world of fashion. 

Being inspired by Virginia Woolf’s Orlando, where the titular character has a lifespan of over 300 years, the exhibition will centre on fashion throughout centuries and create a guide to the various trends and styles spanning from 1870. Focusing on the concept of duration, the exhibition will possess a linear structure with each point in time being embodied by black ensembles. The trendy timeline will then be interrupted by white pieces which, both pre and post-dates the black; for example, a Comme des Garçons ‘Body Meets Dress-Dress Meets Body’ dress from 1997 juxtaposing a mid-1880s black bustle. Concluding the exhibition will be futuristic designs which draws from the concept of duration and sustainability and questions both the future of fashion and the environment as a whole; with a series of debates occurring all over the world, Greta Thunberg being a major catalyst in the protest regarding climate change, it only seems fitting that next year’s theme acknowledges issues occurring outside the world of fashion. 

Instagram: @kyliejenner

The theme centred around time next year is particularly interesting seeing as we’re going into a completely new decade next month; say goodbye to the 2010s as we’re soon entering the 20s. Fashion and Duration seems to be a particularly fitting theme next year as it takes place in the first year of a whole new decade, signifying an entire century since the Jazz Age. With the Roaring 20s still being incredibly popular with a widespread appreciation for the decade due to its ground-breaking fashion trends, this marks a particularly special fundraising gala. The 20s introduced iconic and timeless classics to the world of fashion which are still being worn by a variety of people today; with flapper dresses becoming a flexible garment one can where to any occasion (either a good party or for Halloween) and The Great Gatsby reigniting the world of the Jazz Age, it’s safe to say that we should be expecting some real head-turners in months to come.

You heard it here folks, the Devil Wears Prada herself is hosting the Met Gala.

Hosting the Gala next year consists of, none other, Meryl Streep, Lin-Manuel Miranda and Emma Stone. You heard it here folks, the Devil Wears Prada herself is hosting the Met Gala. I wonder what  Miranda Priestly’s take will be on the Kardashian-Jenner’s figure-hugging looks this year; Will we see a ground-breaking nod or the catastrophic pursing of the lips? Only time will tell. With the trio all participating in at least one historical production, most recently Miranda starring in Hamilton and Mary Poppins Returns and Emma Stone in The Favourite, it’s safe to say that this holy trinity is not shy to the odd period-style ensemble that we are definitely going to be seeing in May.

Instagram: @ladygaga

I personally cannot wait for the weird and wonderful looks coming this Spring; with Rihanna expected to make a comeback and Meryl Streep hosting, what more could we wish for? 

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