24 hours in Capris

Sophie McNally on her Italian escapade

Sophie McNally
6th May 2021

Capris is one of the most vibrant treasures Italy has to offer. A quick sail away from Santorini or Naples, and you’re soon amongst the perfect blend of rural-tinged city life awaits.

This Mamma Mia-esque landscape has everything on offer. From small heritage churches and humble cafés, to designer shops and luxurious restaurants. All running alongside a picturesque coastline and beach. 

The first thing you should do is hop straight onto a boat tour around the island’s parameters. You’ll soon arrive at the Blue Grotto, where you can take a small rowing boat out to see the sea cave’s deep and shimmering coral blue waters.

After this, you can visit one of the many restaurants for a bite to eat. Sit back and really take in the beautiful seascape whilst friendly faces serve you some of the best Italian cuisine.

If you’re in the mood for adventure, head over to the Funicular Station and cable cars to get a panoramic view of the island. This also lets you unlock the many levels to Capris snd explore a different area each time.

In the afternoon, a wind-down along the intricately paved cobbled streets is perfect. You can peer into the aesthetic high-end fashion shops, and be greeted by a multitude of bright plants and flowers as you go. 

A final trip to the beach as the golden Italian sunset starts could not round off the day more perfectly.

Image credit: Sophie McNally

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AUTHOR: Sophie McNally
Courier Fashion sub-editor, and Newcastle History undergraduate

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