24 hours in Venice

Sara Nigohosyan details the perfect way to spend a day in Venice

Sara Nigohosyan
16th November 2020
There are many cities worth visiting at least once in your lifetime - whether they offer cultural enrichment, stunning nature, or a slice of history, travelling always gives you something you’ll remember forever.

So, if you could visit a city for a day, where should you go? And why?

Venice is probably the first place one should visit when given the opportunity. Not only because of the beautiful architecture and its quintessential canals, but because it all might disappear soon. Global warming has been the primary reason for Venice’s sinking, but the city is also tilting east, which has increased the damage its annual floods cause.

Once there, what should you do for the day?

9am-11am: Coffee is always important, and one of the things Italians know well is good coffee. Caffe Florian is the first cafe to open in Europe, and designed with pieces of history inside of it, this is the perfect place to start your day, combining exploration and breakfast.

Caffe Florian interior
Credit: Wikimedia.com

11am-1.30pm: Piazza San Marco, or Saint Mark’s Square, should be your next stop. Full of historical buildings, the Clock tower, and the church of St. Marco, it is perhaps one of the most notable places in the whole city.

Credit: Wikimedia.com

1.30pm-3pm: To really dive into the local life, you would want to have lunch in Trattoria alla Rampa, a locals’ favourite.

3pm-5pm: It would be a great idea to experience a ride along the famous canals of the city, so a gondola ride should be your next stop, or, start.

Credit: Wikimedia.com

5pm-7pm: The famous Bridge of Sighs, and next to it, Doge’s palace, are also spots you would not want to miss.

Credit: Wikimedia.com

7pm-10pm: Full of small back streets, there is always something to find in Venice. So, before heading back to your room, exploring them and finding hidden gems, such as coffee shops, small museums, bakeries, and exploring the architecture of the city.

Feature Image Credit: Pixabay.com

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