3 ways to spice up your sourdough

Lily Holbrook tells us about the best way to serve sourdough

Lily Holbrook
18th March 2021
Image Credit: Dan Burton on Unsplash
Whether you're into toast or sandwiches, I'm sure anyone would have a hard time denying that sourdough makes bread-based meals infinitely better.

After enjoying Northern Rye Bakery's dreamy sourdough at the weekend, it's safe to say I'm feeling a bit inspired.

Topping the tier as the queen of bread, here are 3 delicious toppings that would give any takeout breakfast service a run for their money:

1. Savoury sourdough medley

Complete with a trio of toppings, this perfect brunch option combines three delicious flavours in one. Inspired by one of Deliciously Ella's many winning breakfast recipes, the combination of spicy harissa butter beans, creamy garlic mushrooms and sweet balsamic tomatoes is the ideal weekend breakfast.

Image Credit: Lily Holbrook

To retain the delicious softness the sourdough, try warming the bread in the oven, rather than toasting or grilling, for 10/10 results.

2. Caramelised banana and peanut butter

The picture here speaks for itself but if you're a fan of all things sweet, this one is for you. Fried with a drizzle of coconut oil, cinnamon and a dash of golden syrup, these easy caramelised bananas are to die for.

Image Credit: Lily Holbrook

Try warming the peanut butter in the microwave for a few seconds to reach perfect pouring consistency…then savour every mouthful of this sweet sourdough sensation.

3. Tofu fry-up

Admittedly it's not quite the same as Northern Rye, but Tesco do a pretty good alternative if you're looking for your weekday sourdough fix. Perfect for healthy at-home lunches, this tasty mix of tofu, smashed avocado, kale, balsamic tomatoes and tahini is a versatile dish that works well with anything you have that needs using.

Image Credit: Lily Holbrook

For this version I used smoked paprika, mixed herbs and fresh coriander. Try experimenting with seasoning and spices to keep your tastebuds on their toes!

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AUTHOR: Lily Holbrook
MA Media & Journalism student and science sub-editor for the 20/21 academic year.

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