5 Products for less than a fiver

Beauty ed Miranda Stoner brings you the 5 make-up bag updates you need for spring

27th February 2017

As the view out our window starts to change with the seasons, it’s time to give our make-up stash a spring clean. Throw out the old and invite these 5 beauty products into your life. With each of them costing less than your average pret a manger sandwich or perhaps more importantly 2 trebles in Sinners you can afford to splash out!

NYX wonder pencil (£4)

I picked this up on a whim in Boots, in the hope that it could bring some light back into my life as I mourned the purchase of my last 02 priority £1 Boots meal deal. Safe to say it did more than brighten my life! It is such a versatile product. Not only does it work on the waterline to put the twinkle back under your eyes, it also acts as a reverse lip liner by creating a light/dark contrast and neater definition and it can be used to shape and structure under brows. It has similarities to Benefit’s eye bright but the pencil is much thinner making it easier to create precise looks, especially on the lips and for a fraction of the price. This pencil comes in three shades- light, medium and deep which accommodates for all skin tones and is a must for anyone who wants to channel the natural beauty look.

Seventeen: eyeshadow brush (£2.99)

Seventeen have a very limited selection of brushes but those they do have are excellent choices if you’re on a tight budget- they almost match Primark for price and outstrip them on quality. Aesthetically the brushes look like the paint brushes you used in art classes at school but they blend beautifully and it is possible to create a smoky eye using just this eyeshadow brush. It is the right size to sweep your highlighting shade across the whole eyelid, but can then be used more delicately in the crease with circular motions and darker shades. Finally, in smaller strokes using a mid-shade you can blend the light and dark to create the desired degrade effect.

Miss Sporty: Instaglow Primer

You will probably remember this brand from when you were 12 and in the experimental stage of your make-up relationship and whilst it may be aimed at the younger market that should not put you off their pocket money friendly offerings. This primer looks terrifying when it comes out the tube- pinky, glittery, but put it on and you will find it lacks all the other things we may associate with high school make-up- it is not cakey, flaky or orange. What’s more it actually gives you a healthy glow and the shimmer blends into the skin making it only noticeable in strobe- or sun-light. It can be worn alone but for special occasions it looks fab intensified with a bold highlighter across the cheeks.

MAKEUP REVOLUTION Redemption Palette Iconic 1, 2, 3 (£4.00)

If you haven’t already been introduced to the Redemption palettes you have been missing out. There are 3 variations and each is a pretty good replica of the Urban Decay Naked Palettes 1, 2, and 3. Obviously the quality and pigmentation is lost with the £36 price difference but you can’t argue with a £4 price tag- almost the same as an NYX hot single! There are 12 shades in each palette which are all blissfully blendable for a mesmerising smouldery eye. Furthermore, the colours are all wearable so you will get your full money’s worth out of the palette and open up a whole new wardrobe of potential looks.

MUA lipstick £1

Regardless of your budget you must be able to afford at least one of the huge spectrum of colours MUA offer in their lipstick range. The quality may not be the best and they are preferably worn with a primer as the product tends to dry a little after a few uses. Yet this product is perfect for easily keeping up with trends and experimenting with new colours- be they bold or nude, before committing to a more expensive brand for the shade as well as the quality and stamina. The rainbow is really your oyster with this collection- not just the risky dark purple or bright pink are on offer. We’re talking blue, orange, yellow, green- all the colours which look fab on Instagram but you never quite had the gumption to invest in.

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