7 characters who deserve their own movies

George Bell gives us his seven film characters who deserve a solo outing

George Bell
28th April 2020
Recently for the TV section, I looked at side characters who deserved the spotlight much more than the leads. It’s my completely unbiased opinion that it’s a great article which you should definitely go check out. That’s enough self-promoting but such a topic can’t be limited to shows as there are more than enough movie characters that deserve more love. Even more so as while some TV show characters might not get the attention we want, it is sure a lot more screen time than most movie characters. Here are a few characters I want to have their own movies (please?).
Django Unchained (2012) - Dr. King Shultz

Quentin Tarantino is no stranger to making fantastic movie characters. Chances are all movies based on any of his characters would be a treat to watch. One of his best side characters has got to be Dr. King Shultz, the bounty hunter and mentor to the lead, Django. I would love to see an origin story behind the doctor and how he become the gun blasting, slaver hating badass we all know and love. I just can’t help myself but want to know more about him.

One of many great scenes involving Christoph Waltz's character in Django Unchained.
The Incredibles (2004) - Lucius Best

Speaking of Django Unchained, it also starred a little actor by the name of Samuel L Jackson. This mostly unknown actor also starred in the brilliant (or incredible) The Incredibles. I am of course talking about Lucius “Where is my super suit?” Best also known as Frozone. As indicated by his second name he is one of the “Best” characters in the movie with a cool set of powers and a suave personality to match. I’d definitely give my left kidney for a solo movie about the superhero, maybe even make it a romance story between him and his iconic wife.

Being a superhero doesn't mean you can avoid the annoying little things in life. Things like looing your suit.
The Incredibles (2004) - Edna Mode

Now let’s go and look at The Incredibles again because there are so many brilliant characters in the movies. And the best, without a shadow of doubt has got to be Edna Mode. One of the most iconic characters and a fan favourite, Edna Node is a superhero fashion guru who doesn’t even bat an eye and all the weird and super-powered people she meets. I’d love to see how she became the person she is as a badass fashion guru. And maybe go into further detail as to why exactly No Capes is such an important belief to her (beyond getting caught in planes).

Fun Fact: The Incredibles Edna Mode was voiced by the film's director Brad Bird.
Harry Potter Series - The 'Marauders'

The Harry Potter movies are a big part of British culture. The characters are iconic and chances are you can name a lot of them. But let’s be honest, Harry Potter isn’t the most interesting protagonist. His dad, however? Sign me up for 8 more films. Characters like Harry’s parents, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, and Severus Snape are some of the most interesting in the wizarding world and I’d love to see how they became who they are. An origin story for the Marauders would be a perfect way to dive back into this universe especially as the Fantastic Beasts Trilogy is soon going to conclude.

Harry receives the Marauder's Map from Fred & George in The Prisoner of Azkaban (2004). A map that his father, James Potter (aka. Prongs), helped to create.
Kill Bill: Vol.I (2003) - O Ren Ishii

Okay, it’s difficult not to keep coming back to Tarantino characters but this is the last time I promise. Kill Bill followed The Bride, played by Uma Thurman, as she hunted down and killed several highly skilled assassins. All of the assassins would make for great movies by themselves but no one more so than O Ren Ishii, the primary antagonist of the first part. Yes, she may have got her own animated short within the short showing her background but I want (more like need) more of this character. Her rise through the criminal empire is so interesting especially with such a tragic origin as hers. I’ll stop ranting about Tarantino characters now.

O' Ren Ishii proves she is not a someone you want to get on the wrong side of, as Tanaka finds out.
Thor: Ragnarok (2017) - Korg

The third phase of the MCU is over, and now we have no idea where it will go next. There is tons of exciting possibility with where they go. And a perfect time for a Korg solo story. Taika Waititi needs to give the people what they want. An origin story for the rock with the heart of a saint is the gift we all need right now. Maybe show his relationship with his mother and less than a loved boyfriend and the events leading up to him ending up on Sakaar.

Superhero work's gain is stand-up comedy's loss when it comes to Korg.
Inception (2010) - Eames

Played brilliantly by Tom Hardy, Eames acts as the conman within the dream team (that’s what I call it don’t judge me) in the film Inception. The way he is able to pretend to be other people basically makes him the actor of the team. And in the film, he refers to how he and a team tried to do inception themselves but the idea didn’t work. A spin-off movie following the character would be so cool as it would let us see more of this fantastic world and a better look at the charismatic guy. You can’t be afraid to dream a little bigger when it comes to wanting Christopher Nolan sequels.

The effortlessly cool Eames (Tom Hardy) encourages Arthur (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) to "Dream a little bigger". Literally.
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AUTHOR: George Bell
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