Beauty brand of the week: bareMinerals

Tara McConaghie tells us why bareMinerals really works for her in 2019's first beauty brand of the week...

Tara McConaghie
11th February 2019

Let shaming of the no-makeup look be a thing of the past. I believe we should all dare to go bare and embrace the natural look - with a little help from bareMinerals.

It’s the end of January. Funds are still low, and you’re sniffling and spluttering as you stuff tissues and gloves into your handbag. You have made the brave choice to actually leave the cosy comforts of bed to venture out to the mind-numbingly cold for a 9am lecture. All for someone to turn around to you and say, “You look so tired, are you okay?” or the classic, “You look so ill, were you out last night?”

Now truthfully, you may have been, but that is not the point. Not only does this dampen your mood for the rest of the day, but it also demonstrates that today’s society has been constructed to gravitate towards a fully done-up face looking glamorous and view this as a normality, which greatly disappoints me. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy make-up; the best part of a night out for me (apart from coming home with a takeaway) is the preparation. But on a day-to-day basis, neither do I have the effort nor do I have the finances to be able to paint my face every-day like I am ready to step out on the red carpet. Because I am an avid believer in skincare, I also don’t like the idea of wearing makeup every-day because it’s not great for my skin. I fully support the idea that makeup should accentuate and enhance your features, rather than covering them up entirely. This is why I am giving my beauty brand lovin’ to bareMinerals.

With an investment in skincare at the core of all its products, bareMinerals strives to make you look good with makeup on, as well as when your makeup is off. Their global ambassadors, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Letitia Wright, Nikki DeRoest and Hailey Bieber, has become influential in rebooting the brand with ‘The Power of Good’ campaign, focusing on its long history of clean beauty. These are all women I respect and admire, and I enjoy the meaning behind this campaign of promoting a healthier, cleaner lifestyle by investing in skincare. With its clean formulas, free from additives and chemicals, bareMinerals prides itself in being pure and helpful for your complexion, rather than being damaging. To me, it is the ideal brand in letting your skin breathe, whilst evening out your complexion. What’s also amazing about this brand is that it offers a vegan range, with no animal testing on its products.

The Original Foundation SPF 15 is the one to reach for in the morning, revitalising the skin and making you look and feel awake – without clogging your pores. With a pretty standard price of £27, I would definitely say it is value for money, because a little goes a long way with decent coverage. Although beware of the loose powder – it can be a right mess in the handbag if the lid isn’t screwed on! I also enjoy the range of lipsticks and lip glosses, offering a gorgeous spectrum of shades from rich berry reds to beautiful petal pinks. Personally, I am all about the nude colours, so naturally I would gravitate towards the radiant lipstick (pricing of £12-18), which also offers a creamy, moisturising texture.

So my fellow friends that struggle to look fresh in the morning, I would highly recommend you give bareMinerals a try; your skin can be revived from the puffiness, the redness, the blotchiness, and the dark bags we all know and despise. Instead, let’s finally have people come up to us and say, “Wow, your skin looks amazing!” “You look so awake this morning, what’s your secret?”, and you’ll be able to tell them it’s all thanks to bareMinerals.

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