Should logos be fashion No-gos?

Nusrat Angela is here to answer one of fashion's biggest debates...

Nusrat Jahin Angela
18th March 2019

Logos are visual representations of brands. They are especially relevant for the clothing industry. For a while now, clothing with big logos have become trendy. Most of the high-end brands have opted to include their logo as a part of the design for their outfits. Apart from building brand awareness and marketing themselves, this breathes life into the questions regarding the reason behind using logos- how important is it to look at logos when buying outfits? Have we arrived at a time where slapping a big logo on clothing is fashionable?

Traditionally, it is quite important to look at a brand when we are buying clothes. This is mainly because of two reasons- to be able to buy something of good quality which the brand in question promises and to be associated with a cause that the brand supports. When you are purchasing something, logos inform you what company or brand you are buying your clothes from. You are almost at once informed of the quality, style, niche target, and price of the product. This helps you to take a decision- are you looking for the type of clothes they sell and how appropriate is the brand for you? On the other hand, a logo helps you to showcase your support for a brand or any of their initiatives. When you are wearing a sneaker with the stylish ‘V’ engraved on the sides from Veja, it automatically translates that you are a supporter of sustainable environment, applauding their use of organic cotton and rubber. At times like this, it seems reasonable to display a brand. If not, then how are we, as individuals supposed to display the causes we stand for?

However, it still doesn’t seem to justify the use of huge logos on clothes. In recent years, the ultra-luxury brands have used this technique to showcase wealth, status and a sense of belonging among the millennial's. It has almost become a trend to have a huge logo on your clothing just to inform others how expensive an outfit is. In a way, it tells your society that you can buy clothes that are very expensive and that somehow makes you superior. It is almost sad that research shows luxury items are likely to be sold twice as much if they carry a large logo of the brand. This brings one very different but rooted question under the spotlight- why are we so obsessed with the display of logos and in fact, wealth?

It is almost as if we have moved away from the main cause of wearing logos and now, they have become a means for pretence. To some extent, it has become a style statement, but one can’t help but wonder, why is that? When wearing clothes, people should not have the burden of needing a large logo on their clothes. Rather than focusing on the brand we wear, we should be concerned more about comfort and style. In the end, the purpose of all these brands is to make sure you are comfortable and feel good about what you wear. Don’t wear something for the sake of it. Social acceptance is not what we want from life. Trust me, there are much more important things worth your time.

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