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Student Advice Centre + Welfare and Support Centre = THE HUB

Katie Siddall
23rd August 2022
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As of the 2022/23 academic year, the Student Advice Centre and the new Welfare & Support Centre will be housed in the same space to form The Support & Advice Hub. The Hub is a safe place for students to come and gain support and advice on a different range of matters and has been created to be both a physical and a digital space for you to seek information, advice and guidance in the Students’ Union.

The Hub can be found on level 0 in the NUSU building, just by the Co-op (because we all know that that is what the NUSU is known for), if you prefer, head to our pages here.

The Student Advice Centre (aka. SAC) is known to advise on practical issues concerning finance (e.g., if you have issues with funding, debt, council tax exemption), housing (for instance, want a contract looking over, rats, deposit), academic (think appeals, plagiarism, supervision) and a few other areas. This service is independent from the University, so it may be an option if you would like help from another party. Whilst the Welfare and Support Centre takes an intersectional and holistic approach to wellbeing, you can use this service for any welfare related concern you may have. Here you can find an array of resources, friendly faces and people who can point you in the right direction should you need support elsewhere.

The SAC has four advisers, who are trained in various specialties. Finance adviser, Jill, is coming up to 20 years as part of the team (hopefully she’ll get thrown a big party!), showing the dedication she has to help students' throughout their troubles. Additionally, every Monday, Alexia posts on Instagram with advice and useful tips on serious topics but also fun things to do to help with your wellbeing. This is going up and beyond giving 1-2-1 advice.[RG1] 

The SAC advisers will listen and advise you on your situation, present you with any options that you may to try and empower you to resolve these yourself. Some things may not be solved after one 40 minute chat. It isn’t a one-off service, it is here to help you throughout your particular issue(s).

Meanwhile, the Welfare & Support team help you go forward with maintaining and improving your wellbeing. You can pop-in for a chat, pick up any resources or to talk to one of the staff. The team want to do what is best for you, which is why they have shelving outside their offices for you to collect tampons, pads, pregnancy tests, condoms and STI self test kits (to name a few). The Welfare & Support Centre also offers students drug testing kits if you want to check a drug is what you believe it to be. Please talk to a member of staff if you are wanting a drug test kit.

As well as offering advice and facilities for students, the Welfare & Support team has a Welfare & Equality Officer. The Welfare & Equality Officer is voted in during Student Elections each year, meaning that they are dedicated to making Newcastle University campus an even better experience for everyone. One of the main aims is ensuring that every student is represented and heard.

This year the Welfare & Equality Officer is Aleena[RG3] , who is passionate about the three following projects: Pregnancy, Abortion & Birth Control, tackling stigma around Periods and Supporting Survivors of Sexual Violence. As well as being passionate about these projects and creating campus campaigns throughout the year, the Welfare & Support Centre can help you with these topics and many, many more.

During term time, both services are open 10am-4pm on weekdays (except the SAC, who are closed on Wednesday mornings). Both are closed on weekends, but will get back to you ASAP.

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