A foodie's guide to throwing the perfect Halloween party

Pumpkins? Vampires? Red cocktails? Here's all you need to know about throwing a Halloween party

Rachael McCreanor
26th October 2022
Image: Pixabay
Everybody knows that the best part of any self-respecting party is the food. However, walking the fine line between spooky and repulsive is a difficult task when catering for a Halloween party. You want to nurture a mild sense of horror in your guests without making them physically retch at the sight of your food. So, where to begin? 

Keep the gore to the décor  

Everybody loves a bit of realistic gore on Halloween, but not when they’re trying to eat. Keep all your grim ideas to scare people, not starve them. You want people to actually eat the food you offer, so keep the Halloween theme a bit more PG when you’re thinking up ideas for food. Think ghosts, pumpkins, skulls, not a wet squelchy brain cake that looks like it’s been plucked from someone’s head (I speak from experience). As long as you don’t go too realistic, you should have people gobbling your goblins right away.  

Vampire Vibes  

One of the easiest ways to embody the Halloween spirit is through your choice of drink. Any red drink (red wine, cranberry juice, grenadine, cherry juice etc.) can be easily dressed up as ‘Blood Punch’. In fact, there are a whole range of easy cocktail recipes to try out. A simple mix of 2 parts rum, 3 parts cherry juice (or cranberry if you can’t find it) and a couple of teaspoons of peach schnapps and grenadine makes a lovely cocktail which could 100% pass for something stolen from the local blood bank. You can read the full recipe here: https://pin.it/76gT2iV  

Spooky snacks  

As far as seasonal food inspiration goes, there is no better place than Pinterest – the land of unrealistic ideas. Regardless of whether you’re a pro-chef or a culinary newbie, there will be something for you. From the basic (for example, ghost shaped biscuits never fail), to shrunken potato heads and sausage mummies (yes, you read that right) there are tons of ideas. Let your imagination run wild, if everything ends up looking like a mess it’s fine! Just part of the Halloween spirit! Here’s a selection of some easy ideas to get you started: https://pin.it/3Bsvyko  

All that being said, parties are about having fun and Halloween-themed ones are no different. So, whether you want to spend hours in the kitchen or just throw together a few bowls of chocolate, have fun and stay spooky!  

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AUTHOR: Rachael McCreanor
Deputy Editor 23/24, PGR Student studying for an MLitt in English Literature. she/her.

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