A Guide to Long-distance Relationships, Just in Time for Summer

How can we make long distance feel feasible?

Adriana Newbury
4th May 2023
With uni summer not too far away, and many couples being separated by going back home, or travels, or internships, the prospect of long-distance relationships is looming for many. Whilst this can be a daunting idea, take it from me: it’s not as bad as it seems. My boyfriend and I are practically royalty of long-distance relationships after doing 8 months in a relationship while he lived in Florida and I lived here in Newcastle. 

Firstly, it is absolutely essential that you are secure in your independent lives. A good relationship should contribute to your life rather than make your life, and long-distance is a perfect time to practice this. If you each have your own group of friends outside of mutual friends and you both have separate interests, then you can comfortably spend time apart without feeling like there is a piece of you missing. I love uni and my boyfriend loves his piloting, so having separate lives while your apart means that when you do speak, there is so much to update each other on when you do get to see each other; meeting up becomes a super exciting thing to look forward too. 

This leads on to my next essential ingredient for a strong long-distance relationship; it will be so difficult for both of you if you aren’t secure within the relationship, as well as your own life. It goes without saying that there is a ridiculous amount of trust that goes into being far apart. You cannot control who your partner spends time with and where they go without you; therefore, your relationship has to be built on the grounds of trust. However, I am a firm believer that if someone is going to cheat, the distance doesn’t matter…they will do it anyway. More optimistically, this applies on the flip side, and if someone really loves you and wants to be faithful to you, the distance won’t matter!

Finally, I would recommend that you have to keep in regular contact, even if it is just seeing each other’s faces on snapchat, and always have a date to look forward too. If you both keep the relationship exciting and ensure that it doesn’t start to feel like a burden or a chore, the spark will remain for when you can be reunited! And perhaps chose a partner who lives in a fabulous holiday destination, as I must say the trips to Orlando did help me get through…

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