A hopeful rainbow shines bright across Manhattan

Tilly Williams looks at the rainbow that shone bright over New York City, a sign of hope for many amidst the scares of lockdown.

Tilly Williams
15th April 2020
Image: Instagram- sewbeautifulx

In the middle of a global pandemic, it is important to record the goodness that is occurring in the world right now. In times that are full of uncertainty and worry, The Courier News Section will report daily on a piece of news that is filled with optimism and documents the goodwill of our world today. The first of these is the rainbow that spread hope in America.

At 7pm on Monday, New Yorkers took to the streets to celebrate their key workers. At the same time, a stunning rainbow appeared, connecting The World Trade Center and The Empire State Building. This was only hours after Gov. Andrew Cuomo declared the worst of the virus to be over for New Yorkers if they remained smart.

A large number of people in the UK have been displaying rainbows in their own windows, as a symbol of solidarity towards our NHS and key workers. And now, it seems that the universe is also thanking our amazing workers on the front line who are working day in and day out to fight this virus and keep us safe.

The odds of this phenomenon in such a unique position brings the state a sign of hope amid such challenging times, as New York has been the most poorly hit state in the US, totaling around 106,763 cases and 7,300 deaths.

As Fox News' photo editor who captured the images said,

"I have shot a lot of rainbows over New York City in the last few years that either went over One World Trade Center or the Empire State Building, but to be in a spot where the rainbow bridged these two iconic buildings on the NYC skyline was an incredible stroke of luck, it was a very hopeful photo to the people of New York City"

Fox News' Photo Editor

There was a feeling from this that it could be a global sign of hope to everyone affected, and a sign of support for our strong NHS and key workers.

Image: sewbeautifulx on Instagram, https://www.instagram.com/p/B_APEVyHhNv/

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