A House of Smith love story

While Newcastle's clubs have remained empty for months, one in particular holds a special place for two fated flamingos.

Meg Howe
17th March 2021
People are always going to ask you how you met your partner. Some of the common responses might be: “we met on Tinder” or “we met at work”, and sometimes we’re almost ashamed to say that we met our partner after a one night stand or at a Pres sesh during freshers’ week. However, I’m here to tell you a freshers’ story that has a very special place in my heart! This is a House of Smith love story.

I doubt I’m the only one who absolutely loves a night club inflatable, whether that be a dog, a pineapple, or in this case, a flamingo! I was determined to take one of the infamous flamingos home, but what I didn’t expect to happen was to meet my future boyfriend in the process!

The story begins after a pretty hectic day: I’d just moved to Newcastle (and by just I mean it was my first night living away from my small village home); I’d made a curry for my friends; I’d cut my finger on a very sharp knife; and my hair straighteners had broken so I had to curl my hair, which I never do! I thought, maybe this is the Universe trying to tell me that I shouldn’t have moved to Newcastle.

After the pretty poor start to the evening, I was all dressed up in my paper bag trousers and black heeled boots (which I hadn’t already worn in, so that was a bad choice) and we were now deciding where to go. A friend had ‘free entry’ wrist bands to House of Smith, so that seemed like a no-brainer.

It was fairly quiet when we got there, so we sat outside until we saw the place start to fill up a little. And that’s when I saw it – not my now boyfriend, but the pink inflatable flamingo that I knew I would be taking home with me that night. However, it just so happened that he was in the arms of a dark haired, bearded fella; so I went in for the kill (and by kill I mean the inflatable flamingo).

And here I must warn you. While you thought you were reading a story about a girl who wanted an inflatable flamingo from House of Smith, you are in fact about to hear some of the worlds must cringe chat-up lines. But did I care? Absolutely not because I got the inflatable flamingo.

Upon having asked the nice looking guy if I could have his flamingo, he said “no”, as I had anticipated. So, off I went in search for another flamingo, but I had no luck! There I was, dancing the night away with my friends, when all of a sudden…

“You can have him if you give me a kiss!” (I told you it was going to get cringe-y).

What else was a girl going to do?

So, here we are… March 2021. 18 months after the story you have just read. The flamingo, that we named Allan, is safely tucked away in drawer at home, and I’m stuck with said dark haired, bearded guy; and we get to tell everyone our House of Smith love story, and how we met over Allan the flamingo.

Image: Pixabay

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AUTHOR: Meg Howe
Passionate History student and Educator

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