A letter to my future self: written during a global pandemic

Anna Robson is our first writer to write a letter to her future self

Anna Robson
7th December 2020

Dear Future Me,

How are you? No, seriously, how are you doing? You will remember that asking if someone is ok means a lot more nowadays. I’m reluctant to mention the you-know-what, but I hope that Covid is a thing of the past and everything has gone back to normal; as that is the only thing getting us through this, knowing everything will eventually go back to normal.

I must begin by apologising. I have very high hopes for your career and lifestyle. You may remember that at this point in time you were thinking about becoming a history teacher but had some doubts about what it entails. I hope you didn’t let your anxiety get in the way of pursuing what you truly wanted... If it has, remember back to this point, and remember how excited you were at the prospect of starting down that career path.

Have you fulfilled our Cottagecore dreams yet? Of owning the beautiful chocolate-box cottage in a countryside village; do you own animals, have you filled your house to brim with historical books and decor? I had always imagined my (your) future house to be the embodiment of those Pinterest boards! You are currently obsessed with thinking about weddings – are you married yet? Do you have children yet? If so, give them an extra hug from your past little naive self.

Image: Anna Robson

If theatres have survived after the pandemic do past you a favor and watch everything! Take in the atmosphere of the bustling audience; let yourself be absorbed in the performance; buy that over-priced tub of ice cream. Don’t worry about going by yourself or the cost of the ticket, remember what it was like to have all the fun things taken away from you.

This year has been a crazy one. You learned to be patient within yourself. You learned that family truly is the only important thing in life. You stretched yourself to try new things, and in return learned that sometimes you try to juggle too many things at once. There were plans canceled, but new, amazing memories made; remember how excited you were to climb Cat Bells this summer?! Don’t forget these good times, even during the dark ones... which I know is quite tricky for you. Be grateful for the privilege you have and the opportunities you can access.

Never forget how far you’ve come and how much further you want to go.

Feature Image: Hannah Buckley via The Courier's Creative Contributors

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AUTHOR: Anna Robson
2nd-year Archaeology student and Welfare Officer for Newcastle Uni Athletics & Cross Country.

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