A letter to someone who is heartbroken

It's okay to be heartbroken; it's okay to feel the way you do; take some time before you love again

Isobel Symons Barugh
15th October 2021
Image: IMDB Bridget Jones' Diary
Dear heartbroken reader,

Heartbreak is an unfortunate inevitability of life. Whether it be a fallout with friends, a dispute with a family member or a dreaded break up, heartbreak is a common evil that most of us will have to endure at one point or another. While there are no set rules of how to overcome this, hopefully this letter can reassure you that things will get better and you will not always feel this way. 

Heartbreak gives you the perfect opportunity to reconnect with your own interests and rediscover yourself.

The first step in overcoming heartbreak is recognising that your feelings, whether it be misery, anger or devastation, are completely justified. Let any emotions run free, as bottling up your pain will only prolong the mending process. Take some time to yourself – binge watch a comfort TV show, read a good book or eat your favourite food. Don't feel guilty for taking this time to concentrate on yourself; heartbreak gives you the perfect opportunity to reconnect with your own interests and rediscover yourself. 

It is easy to idealise the past following heartbreak. Your brain will try to trick you into thinking that they were the perfect person. Take those rose-tinted glasses off immediately. It could even be beneficial to cut all contact with this person whilst you are trying to heal. Being constantly reminded of their presence, especially on social media, can trap you in an obsessive state that may become hard to escape.

Take positives from your experience of heartbreak. You now know what to look for in the future, and you can recognise the red flags that you missed the first time round. Most importantly, remember that time heals everything.

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