A Merseyside Derby 10 years in the making

A once in a decade moment as Liverpool are beaten by the might Everton FC

Tom Moorcroft
23rd March 2021
Twitter @Everton
Ask any Everton fan during the Premier League years if we look forward to a Merseyside Derby, and most of them would give off a wry smile. For me, the thought of facing Liverpool at home or away (which is pretty much the same thing, separated by a field), sends shivers down my spine, no less than when you have Salah, Mane, Trent, Robbo and the rest of the Anfield squad pressing your side. 

This doesn’t mean my experience with Liverpool has been a completely sour one. Sure, we recently had Pickford, a man who’s name is unfortunately synonymous with Everton fan hate, blunder the ball and gift Divok Origi with a late extra time winner. Or in the FA cup, when a squad of relatively unknown Liverpool youngsters took on our senior team and we lost, after a 20yrd thunderbolt from Curtis Jones. 

However, Everton have had their fair share of stunners in recent history, most notably Phil Jagielka scoring perhaps the greatest goal to grace a Merseyside derby. Outside of the box, he struck the ball first time just as it touched the ground, allowing it to rocket so far top bins that some say Mignolet still hasn't recovered.

However, we gained more bragging points against our red rivals the other week when Everton, the team that have been widely regarded as the second best in Liverpool, capitalised on Klopp’s poor run of home form and beat them 2-0, a lovely Richarlison placement and a somewhat controversial penalty from Sigurdsson. 

Even after our fantastic run of form as of late, boasting an impressive away record and sitting in a slightly unbelievable Champions League contender spot, I couldn't quite believe my luck as the boys in blue pounced on their opportunity for glory. After our last 10 years of winless games against Liverpool, we were able to abuse their poor form, lack of key defenders due to injury and Klopp’s naivety to secure a key three points in our 2021 campaign.

The real nail in the coffin was when Liverpool lost their vocal, versatile captain Jordan Henderson in the first half, relying on the inexperienced Phillips as his replacement. He was no match for the stunning display from Everton’s forwards, who pressed him like there was no tomorrow. 

However, Liverpool had their fair share of shots too, 15 in total with 6 on target. They just couldn’t capitalise on their many chances, making it all the more amazing when we quietened their erratic shooting with a lovely and calm penalty from Gylfi. 

Everton are a team that, as long as I’ve been supporting them, have been to hell and back. We’ve had lower half finishes, embarrassing European and national exits and a lot of shade from our giants next door. Now it’s our time to shine!

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AUTHOR: Tom Moorcroft
Head of Sport for The Courier. Current 3rd year English Literature and History student. Love writing about sports/music, playing the guitar and Everton FC!

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