A Puzzaroo Puzza-review

Puzzaroo brings the experience of an escape room to the comfort of your own home,

Peter Lennon
21st March 2022
Images: Puzzaroo and Mel Poole
Puzzaroo is a new puzzle company, who send their games through the post so that they can be enjoyed from the comfort of your own home.
Image: Puzzaroo

Much like an escape room, these puzzles are themed and incorporate a role-playing element to the game. For instance, the game available at the moment – titled The Corporation – begins with the premise that you are a rogue agent who has been given one last chance to get back in touch with your agency. To do so, however, you must complete the puzzle to decipher the meet-up location.

In the envelope, players will find a wide array of objects, such as lottery tickets and a map of the metro station. This is the only game available right now so I shall try to be as vague as possible in order to preserve the game’s mystique! The objects, as one can imagine, hold many clues with each one connecting to another in some shape or form. Within these clues are a variety of puzzle-solving elements. While some require a more comprehensive approach, others are more algebraic and mathematical.

What struck me about this game is the player flexibility – and I don’t just mean what order you approach the items in. Though this game can be solved by oneself, I couldn’t help but imagine that I’d enjoy this even more with some of my riddle-loving friends (this is just personal preference). And there’s nothing to stop me from doing so!

But what if I get stuck? Well, Puzzaroo has set up their own website to receive clues from if you hit a massive roadblock. These links are included within the brief, along with a site for inputting the location-answer to the puzzle. In this way, the game will not forego giving players a sense of closure if they are struggling too much.

All in all, Puzzaroo has caught onto a rather niche market, but one that I believe would appreciate every asset and inspiration of these new games.

If you're interested in trying Puzzaroo yourself, feel free to use our discount code SCHOLAROO for 10% off.

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AUTHOR: Peter Lennon
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