A Return to the world of Percy Jackson

Rick Riordan has just announced a new Percy Jackson novel and we're just as excited as you are

Ross Bennett
5th December 2022
Image Credit: @rickriordan on instagram
Acclaimed Author, Rick Riordan, has recently announced the newest entry in the Percy Jackson Franchise: ‘Percy Jackson and the Chalice of the Gods’...

And I am hyped.

This writer grew up voraciously reading each book and novella from the franchise, from The Lightning Thief to the final Trials of Apollo book. I even liked the movie, as a child, mainly for the Lady Gaga poker face scene in the Hotel.

The book series takes place in a world where the gods and monsters of mythology not only exist but wreak havoc and copulate within the mortal realm, resulting in a camp full of angsty teenage demigods who have to fight monsters before they even get to hit puberty. The most famous of which is our protagonist, Percy Jackson.

The upcoming book is said to take place after the Heroes of Olympus series but before Trials of Apollo, with Percy in his senior year of high school waiting to attend New Rome University. But in order to attend he must obtain letters of recommendations from three gods or goddesses, which of course means Quests! Hijinks ensue. The book is a return to the classic Percy Jackson format and with the upcoming Disney+ streaming show releasing next year, 2023 is set to be an explosive year for Percy Jackson fans.

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