A summary of Chris Day’s email to the student body

Alex Walker summarises the Vice Chancellor's email

Alex Walker
28th September 2020
Chris Day, the Vice Chancellor of Newcastle University, sent out an email on Friday afternoon outlining the return to studies amidst local lockdown. He pointed out the unique nature of the current situation, saying that "this has been a year like no other" and describing the impact on student lives as "devastating".

Day also discussed the arrangements put in place for online learning this semester and highlighted the work done to ensure an "enriching and exciting" learning experience. This will be in spite of the "difficult" term ahead for all members of the University.

The Vice Chancellor informed students of the consequences of socialising outside of household and support bubbles. He mentioned the essentiality of following self-isolation guidelines in order to avoid putting other students' health and education at risk.

Day's self-described "blunt" tone threatened "potential sanctions from written cautions to suspension and expulsion from the University". He reminded students of the current government penalties, including fines of up to £10,000.

Day has been criticised in the recent academic year in regards to queries about protests and strike action, national lockdown, and the ongoing cyber attack.

The Courier's Lifestyle Sub-Editor, Meg Howe, added to these criticisms: "We don’t hear much from Chris Day directly. It was unfortunate that his recent communication had to be so blunt. While it is important that we all stick to the regulations, I can imagine that people would not have been as taken aback by his message if we heard from him a little more."

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