Acing your accessories this winter season

Cayla Viner shares her favourite accessories of 2019 and how to wear them through the last few weeks of the decade.

Cayla Viner
16th November 2019
By MA1974 from Flickr
It's now coming up to the cold season and it's important to know what accessories we all need to spruce up our winter woollies. From bags to hairpieces, here is a roundup of all the latest accessories that are trending this season.

Bucket hats

Photo by @pharrell on Instagram

Now, this hat is definitely not a new invention but they have made a massive comeback, appearing all over the catwalks across the likes of London and New York. While we thought that they would die down when the sun stopped shining on the summer festivals, they have remained a popular piece of headwear, even replacing the beanie for the next chillier months.

Vintage Scarves

Photo by Stephanie King on flickr

Another blast from the past are silk scarves, you may believe they're a little impractical to wear instead of grandma’s knitted neck warmer, however, these vintage patterned pieces of silk can have so many uses. They can be worn around the wrist, in your hair and even become an added layer to your outfit. And with so much colour and boldness to their designs, you shouldn’t underestimate the power of their presence!

Oversized tote bags

Photo by Marlon_Delibasic on Pixabay

This is an extremely versatile accessory in terms of its style and usage. You are spoiled for choice of colours and patterns that you will be bound to find the perfect tote for you. While trendy mini bags are on the other end of the scale this season, if you’re anything like me and end up picking up random items from the shops that you hadn’t planned, then having a tote is vital. Dress them up or dress them down this massive accessory works on all occasions.


Photo by @francescas on Instagram

They are everywhere. Possibly the biggest accessory trend of 2019, these hair ties have become a bit of a comfort item. This item elicits a sense of nostalgia and child-like innocence that we don’t want to quite let go of yet. You will see them in all areas of the media, and many of your fave celebs will be sporting this wardrobe essential. And, as long as the VSCO trend is still going, I think we can rely on the fact that scrunchies are going to stay for a little while longer.

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