Adult Animation: top 10 cartoons ranked

We rank our favourite adult comedies, from Big Mouth to Rick and Morty!

Olivia Carter
6th March 2023
Image credit: IMDB

I have ranked some well known adult animations that I have watched; although some may have been skipped over, I have attempted to stay fair! All number rankings out of 10 are based off IMDB rankings.

10. Big Mouth - 7.9/10

Image credit: IMDB

Netflix's popular animation Big Mouth, created by Nick Kroll, follows the lives of young people, getting to grips with puberty and sexuality. Despite its seemingly tame premise, the show provides us with extremely crude depictions of awkward sex and LOTS of genitalia. Whilst, I personally enjoyed this show, some of the scenes felt very graphic; I suggest you watch this one without your parents.

9. F is for Family - 8/10

Image credit: IMDB

Another Netflix success, F is for Family, provides a look at the Murphy family throughout the 1970s; Sue and Frank's kids are wild, there is no holding back on everything and the TV is the holy grail. If you want something that shocks but provides endless laughs, this is a perfect watch. Frank's jarring personality paired with the coke-fuelled neighbours, make for a perfectly chaotic outlook on family life.

8. Spongebob Squarepants - 8.2/10

Image credit: IMDB

Nickelodeon really hit the nail on the head when it comes to Spongebob Squarepants; a show that is so clearly made for kids, really shines when watched as an adult. It follows a sea sponge (Spongebob) that works at a fast food restaurant, causing havoc amongst literally everyone. With many hidden adult jokes and genuinely funny storylines, Spongebob Squarepants never leaves me disappointed. It is Nickelodeon's highest ranked show and it definitely shows.

7. Family Guy - 8.2/10

Image credit: IMDB

After battling it's way out of two cancellations, Seth McFarlane's esteemed comedy Family Guy, has cemented itself as one of the all time best adult comedies. It follows the Griffin family and their daily lives that brings with it many shocking laughs. It is particularly infamous for outrageous and controversial humour, touching on topics that many feel is inappropriate. Despite this, however, it has since seen 21 seasons and continues to grow.

6. Adventure Time - 8.6/10

Image credit: IMDB

Yet another children's show to add to the list, Adventure Time definitely doesn't disappoint. It follows Jake the dog and Finn the human, as they go on adventures and battle their way across fantasy lands and the Land of Ooo. Much like Spongebob Squarepants, it is packed with adult jokes and genuinely entertaining plots. It has been a favourite of mine from childhood until now, failing to rarely get overplayed, and constantly providing comedy throughout.

5. Futurama - 8.5/10

Image credit: IMDB

Much like Family Guy, Futurama has battled cancellations and controversies. Although it has only seen 5 seasons, it has definitely stapled itself as a regular in the adult comedy genre. The seasons begin with Philip J. Fry, a pizza delivery boy, who is accidentally frozen in 1999 and subsequently thawed out on New Years Eve of 2999. It allows us to look at ourselves through the eyes of the future, and reminding us that the problems we face now likely won't end. Despite this seemingly dark topic, the laughs and crazy allegories are endless, making it well worth the watch.

4. Gravity Falls - 8.9/10

Image credit: IMDB

Whilst Gravity Falls is a Disney channel original, it has held the test of time, entertaining both children and adults alike. It follows siblings, Dipper and Mabel, after they move in with their weird Uncle in the mysterious town of Gravity Falls. Personally, I love this show and often put it on at the most random times. The storylines and the loveable characters (Mabel is my personal favourite), make this fantastical show extremely fun to watch; there is never a dull moment in Gravity Falls and the Mystery Shack.

3. South Park - 8.7/10

Image credit: IMDB

Much like its predecessors, South Park has received it's fair share of controversy; whilst sometimes providing rather annoying characters, it is undeniable that South Park has left its mark as one of the most successful and funny shows to date. It follows the misadventures of four irreverent grade-schoolers in the quiet town of South Park. Whilst many of its jokes are likely too far as the social climate changes, it somehow gets away with it, providing purposeful cringe-worthy moments and laughs.

2. Rick and Morty - 9.1/10

Image credit: IMDB

Although Rick and Morty is a fairly recent contender, it has made an enormous impact on Television unlike any other. It follows the exploits of a debauchery-ridden scientist and his morally-compassed grand son, or to put it plainly, Rick and Morty. It not only provides us with smart laughs but also smart sci-fi, with a plethora of allegories, cementing its iconic status as one of the best adult comedies of this century.

  1. The Simpsons - 8.7/10
Image credit: IMDB

As the longest running adult animation, spanning over 34 years, it is clear that The Simpsons is the GOAT of all established cartoon shows. It follows the satirical adventures of the Simpson family in the misfit city of Springfield. It is hard to find anyone that hasn't at least heard of this show, and although its rating doesn't quite meet that of Rick and Morty, its longevity and consistency causes it to run laps around its contenders. Despite the long drawn-out argument that it isn't quite as good as it once was, it has provided so much entertainment, involved in major theme parks, merch and a great feature length film to go with it.

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