PoemBox: Aesthetics

Elena Trayanova brings us our first PoemBox, with a poem entitled Aethetics.

Elena Trayanova
20th November 2017


Flipping through catalogues of potential futures

we like to cut out our faces from photos

and glue them to the futures we like best.


On our bravest days, we would draw the futures

ourselves and we’d even dare to make them

beautiful                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 beautiful

as if taken out of a Pinterest blog

yellow leaves, a nice scarf, a book,

a little bit of shy sunshine and a pair

of glasses I don’t need

An aesthetic

a typewriter aesthetic

a record player aesthetic

a poem inspired by being sad aesthetic

a suicide aesthetic


we live to reach that aesthetic state of mind

that feels like a week in the most beautiful city in the world

we want to feel like we belong there but we don’t and so

we keep living in the chase for it.

But when I run out of breath

and let it out completely

I’ll be a dying flower

a wrinkling petal

falling off and

right into the


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