After We Fell (15) - a lacklustre teen film filler

A dull watch for the average film watcher, After We Fell provides something for fans of the series.

Gabbi De Boer
8th November 2021
Image Credit: IMDB
The ‘After’ series is not for everyone - it’s a bit cringey, childish, and often just plain naff - but admittedly, the storyline is addictive. This was certainly the case for the first two films, however, the most recent instalment has fallen flat. 

If you’ve read the books (or even better, the original Wattpad fanfiction), you’ll know just how eventful the third book of the series actually is. It’s chaotic, but because it's a book, it's obviously much more intricate. And here’s why this creates a problem within the film.

To the average audience who may not have read the books, the film will seem incredibly dull. It is very fast-paced, which means that many scenes just sort of happen and don’t add to the storyline of the film at all. This means that only the fans familiar with the book series will probably understand why half the action occurs. 

The childish, albeit toxic mindsets of the characters, seem to have been left in the previous two films, both seeming far more mature

That aside, the character development is done very well. The childish, albeit toxic mindsets of the characters, seem to have been left in the previous two films, both seeming far more mature. Tessa’s evolution is also beautifully portrayed in this film, and she transforms from an uptight geek into a much more laid-back woman. It’s unsurprising, though, that Hardin is very similar, although seemingly a lot less aggressive. 

One thing that is also a little bit strange is the number of times actors have changed in this franchise - it’s something that can be quite easily looked past as the protagonists aren’t played by different people, but it does make the series rather disjointed. It is also especially prominent in After We Fell, as pretty much every secondary character has changed and don’t even look slightly similar to past renditions. 

An intimate moment... Image Credit: IMDB

The film does provide some very intimate and powerful scenes, though, and Hardin (Hero Fiennes-Tiffin) and Tessa’s (Josephine Langford) relationship is incredibly believable. Some of their acting may be cheesy and a little clunky, but there’s no denying that they make for some passionate watching. As well as this, the cliffhanger ending sets fans up for an exciting After Ever Happy, which has already been filmed and is due for subsequent release.

Although this instalment of the series is definitely lacking, it does inform the audience about many factors that make up the next film. While this means it’s a bit boring to watch, that doesn’t mean that it isn’t a valuable part of the series, and therefore, is a great watch if you're following the story. It’s definitely not something for casual watching, more so for the fans - here’s to hoping the After Ever Happy makes up for it!

Rating: 2.5/5

Video Credit: Amazon Prime Video UK
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