AJR fifth pre-release before new album: How many is too many?

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Poppy Bedford
25th October 2023
Image credit: Instagram @ajrbrothers
AJR, probably most famous for the ‘worlds smallest violin’, have recently released their final single before their new album The Maybe Man; this is the fifth pre-release for the new album which has twelve tracks.

               The most recent track is song three on the album, 'Yes I’m a Mess', and is a mix of the layered vocals, strong beats and catchy sounds that the band is known for, with the signature whistle and strings taking up centre stage. With 40% of the album already having been released, however, the conversation around the release has been less about the song and more about the number of tracks pre-cursing the full release.

The conversation around the release has been less about the song and more about the number of tracks

Earlier this autumn Olivia Rodrigo released GUTS with only two pre-released singles 'Vampire' and 'bad idea right?' This fits the usual trend with popular artists where they release two or three tracks to create buzz about the album before dropping the entire thing.

There are, of course, outliers of this rule. When Harry Styles released Harry’s House the only single released before was 'As It Was', however with the popularity of that song another pre-release was not really needed.

One reason for the release of so many singles could be their current American tour, however, with one of the singles 'The Dumb Song' proving to be increasingly popular it is unclear why the band decided to release another song so close to the release of an up and coming hit, and the final album.

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