Album Review: Alfie Templeman - Don’t Go Wasting Time

Finlay Holden reviews the latest EP from rising star Alfie Templeman.

Finlay Holden
25th November 2019
Young indie-starlet Alfie Templeman just dropped his biggest release to date with mini-LP 'Don't Go Wasting Time', containing 7 alternative indie-pop tracks including recent singles 'Used To Love' and the title track 'Don't Go Wasting Time'.

The whole record is a pleasure to listen to, finding success in combining guitar riffs and homemade sounds with insane production and smooth vocals.

It starts with 'Who I Am' and it's accompanying video which reflects it's bright soundscape, despite lyrics of moving on and forgetting friends being somewhat sad upon reflection.

Second up is my highlight of Alfie's career nevermind this release, 'Used To Love'. This track has incredible production and is undeniably catchy, with words reflecting on a past relationship and how Alfie yearns to feel those emotions again. If you can play this song just once and move on without it continuing inside your head for days then you've fared better than me.

'First Time' and 'Circles' are both new high-energy album tracks, integrating vague lyrics into a psychedelic pop soundscape. 'Movies' later joins these with a similar trend, and these three tracks are the heart of the record.

Before that comes the title track, bringing with it a more chilled vibe, with lyrics somehow bathing in sorrow and radiating joy at the same time, the theme being "chasing things that weren't meant to last".

'Lean on My Shoulder' closes off the record with another smooth romance-fuelled vocal performance over a funky beat and effect filled soundscape.

I strongly believe this is Alfie's strongest piece of work to date; I can see people saying the tracks all sound too similar, and while they certainly exist in a similar vein, you can hear the evolution of sound across his already solid discography. 

If listening through this 16 year old's expertly crafted third big release doesn't show you his potential get you excited for Alfie Templemans career to explode any second, I'm not sure what will. 

Overall, a 4/5

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