Album Review: Beck's 'Colors'

The vague title of the album might suggest a whole spectrum of music, but no.

Jagoda Waszkowiak
7th November 2017

After the huge success of Morning Phase in 2014, this year on October 13th, Beck released his 13th creation: Colors.

This album left me with a more negative impression the more I listened to it. First of all, the album has 11 tracks; not that many, but as a whole it felt like one long, very boring song. The only break from it is in the middle and at the end in a form of ‘Dreams’, which I like because of funky beat and catchy chorus, but nothing else. And yes, this track is placed TWICE on the album, in two, only slightly different versions.

Not memorable or touching in any way, just disappointing

The vague title of the album might suggest a whole spectrum of music, something new and original in the terms of lyrics and production, but no. My impression is that Beck’s understanding of "colors" somehow resulted in lively, incredibly traditional pop music for this album and nothing beside it. It’s not memorable or touching in any way, just disappointing.

I can sum it up by saying this: Morning Phase won a Grammy back in 2015 because of its originality, meanwhile the most original part of this new album is the design. So not even a part of the album itself.

Fun fact: this amazing cover was created by graphic artist and director Jimmy Turrell. His exhibition Unforsaken (Part 1) will be available, for anyone further interested, this year at the "Northern Design Festival" (3-8 November) at The Assembly House in Newcastle.

Rating: 2.5/5

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