Album Review: Black Honey - Written and Directed

Shreya Dube reviews the sophomore record from four-piece indie-rock outfit Black Honey.

Shreya Dube
16th March 2021
Written and Directed by Black Honey has one overarching message that washes over you as you listen to each song: empowerment. The euphonic aesthetics, as well as the title, are a homage to Quentin Tarantino and it’s easy to see any song in one of his films. 

The 10-song album goes from darker classic old rock tones, like in 'I Like The Way You Die' and 'Run For Cover', to full heavy grunge in 'Disinfect', to lighter retro surf-rock tunes with the upbeat 'Beaches'. However, this album also explores the airier acoustic side of music with the theme of yearning and lament in 'Gabrielle' which rounds off the album.

The lyricism in this album is studded with hope and aforementioned empowerment as well as political themes as in 'Disinfect'; “disinfect the disaffected and we are just a virus, addicted to the violence”. This album also champions a “take no nonsense” feminist approach as shown in 'I Like The Way You Die'; “sorry, love is not for free, I'll lock you up and eat the key. The monster in the dark is me. Remember when you said forever? Never ever forget her, 'Cause you stop talking I start listening”, which precedes the chorus. 

Izzy’s lead vocals remain striking as ever and Alex’s skilled drum work is noted as well as Tommy’s silky smooth bass transitions and Chris’s funky guitar playing. This album makes you long for long summer days and reminisce for days straight out of old American flicks. 

each song has a strong story associated that is so well conceptualised it is akin to a film playing in your mind’s eye

The most striking thing about this album is the narrative - each song has a strong story associated that is so well conceptualised it is akin to a film playing in your mind’s eye. This is paired with the stunning visuals of the music videos released thus far such as the old western-inspired 'Believer' music video and the campy over the top coven of female vampires in 'I Like The Way You Die'.

Another thing is to note is that the band really put their blood, sweat and tears into this album - literally. Certain editions of the vinyl are pressed with the band member’s blood, sweat and tears. 10/10 for dedication to the art.

Written and Directed officially releases on March 19th 2021, and we’re in for a treat!


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