Album Review: Forever Isn't Long Enough - Alfie Templeman

Charlie Pugh reviews a mini-album from teenage superstar Alfie Templeman

Charlie Pugh
11th May 2021
Alfie Templeman has always given us a unique sound, what he called "Indie R&B", and his new mini-album doesn't disappoint when it comes to genre-bending bangers.

Forever takes suave 80's synth, energetic disco drums, a sprinkling of funk, and marries them together into one glorious indie album. Each song has its own character: 'Everybody's Gonna Love Somebody' is an energetic 80s Synth-pop love song, 'One More Day' is laid back, almost bedroom pop, and the titular 'Forever Isn't Long Enough' features swirling synths and splashy hi-hat as Alfie sings about thriving in the moment.

"I grew up with prog rock, and this time I wanted to make something a bit more commercial. I wanted to make really sugary pop songs" he says about the mini-album, "I used it as a way of distracting myself. I hope people use it to help them in a way; it’s there for them."

The vocals are at times intimate, but mostly bouncy and playful, always complimenting the instrumental. Lyrically, while certain lines resonated with me, nothing especially stood out. The focus is on the experience, the themes and the sound rather than elegant wordplay. Still, there are poignant moments where the vulnerability lends it a raw power: "It all runs away from me//Can't escape from my bad dreams//Won't you stay so we can hide away?" Templeman weaves love, anxiety, and growing up through the heart of these songs.

For fans of Gus Dapperton, Declan McKenna, Cavetown, Conan Gray or Dayglow, this is a great sound. Overall, you can't go wrong with this mini-album. It has energy, attitude, and emotion that show Templeman's musical growth, and I, for one, will follow his career with interest.

Rating 3.5/5

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