Album review: Heart Baby EP - Recent Rumors

Grace Lazzaro takes a look at the latest EP from Recent Rumors

Grace Lazzaro
6th March 2020
Recent Rumors dropped their first full EP almost two weeks ago, and you still haven’t listened to it? Tragic. We’ll let it pass this time as long as you take out your phone this instant and stream it on any music app. Now, instead of harassing you some more I will actually give my review of this amazing EP.

If you don’t know, Recent Rumors is a Dallas, Texas based alternative pop band with six singles and now an EP out. Their new EP Heart Baby was released on the 21st of February, and let me tell you, it is all I have listened to since then. Heart Baby deals with the ups and downs of relationships and what it means to be in healthy relationships but also in toxic ones. With songs like “Boulangerie” and “Kissing Slowly”, Recent Rumors keep upbeat tones while having almost devastating lyrics such as, “Maybe that’s all that you wanted- not a lover just an object”. In my opinion, it is indicative of what a toxic relationship is like- happy and ecstatic on the outside, but crumbling on the inside. Then there are songs like “Only One” and “Belong With Me” that show the softer side of a love story; while they still have a melancholy tone matched with sad lyrics, they show- in my opinion- a more hopeful love. While it isn’t perfect, it has real emotion in it. 

All in all, this is an extended play record that will make your eyes well and your heart swell. Recent Rumors definitely is not a band to overlook or miss. 

5 / 5

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