Album Review: LANY - Malibu Nights

LANY's emotional new album reviewed

Laura Freyaldenhoven
25th October 2018
Credit: wikipedia


Only one and a half years after their self titled debut, LA based alt pop trio LANY have released their second studio album Malibu Nights and it’s giving heartbreak a brand new sound.

The album starts with ‘Through Thick and Thin’, a dreamy synth-pop anthem that sets the tone for the entire record and demonstrates that whilst still being LANY the band’s sound has definitely evolved from their first record, incorporating more guitar, piano and drums into their songs.

Long time LANY fans know that the band has quite a reputation not only for writing sad songs with an uptempo but also for their authentic and relatable lyrics. Cue ‘If you see her’ and ‘I don’t want to love you anymore’, two songs that will make you relive your worst heartache and break your heart all over again when vocalist Paul Jason Klein begs ‘If you see her, tell her I’d do anything, I need her.’

After a change in tempo to a calmer sound with ‘Let Me Know’, ‘Run’ and ‘Valentine’s Day’, LANY returns to their signature style. The breakup we have followed through the course of the album seems to come full circle with ‘Thru These Tears’, the only track on the record that could potentially be described as somewhat uplifting: “In the end I’m gonna be alright but it might take a hundred sleepless nights”. The title track 'Malibu Nights' closes the album. It’s a beautiful piano ballad that sees LANY try something new by only featuring a single vocal by front man Paul instead of their usual layered vocals making the song feel even more raw and personal. The perfect way to end a very personal record.

As was to be expected from a LANY album, Malibu Nights satisfies with strong vocals, strong lyrics and a beautiful aesthetic.The record tells the story of a tough breakup, which can be felt in every line, every note, every song. As he would in a diary, Klein takes us on this emotional journey with him and endeavours to share his darkest moments. In the title track he asks “what do you do with a broken heart?” but he’s already given the answer: you take all that pain and create a sonic masterpiece.

Score: 4/5

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