Album Review: Miley Cyrus - Plastic Hearts

Sophie McNally reviews the latest effort from Miley Cyrus

Sophie McNally
10th December 2020
Miley shows the world how perfectly carved her voice is to take the pop-rock world by storm. Her new album Plastic Hearts perfectly follows on from her She Is Coming EP era that laid the groundwork of her personalised pop-rock genre just in time for her to smash through this microcosm with mullet-fuelled energy. 

A vintage and grunge feel pervades the album, with an overarching transparency and stick-it-to-em’ self-love. This sincerity covers all of the tracks, no matter the tempo or beat, with ‘WTF Do I Know’ encasing the honest lyrics “I'm completely naked but I'm making it fashion / Maybe getting married just to cause a distraction” in a heavy funked-out bass line. Single ‘Midnight Sky’ is a super catchy classic pop anthem that the Stevie Nicks remix only brings to even higher plains. With renowned hit ‘Edge of Seventeen’ seamlessly blending into Miley’s glazed vocals. 

Miley Cyrus for Plastic Hearts album cover (image sourced from Rolling Stone)

Speaking of classic rock legends, Cyrus broke the internet with her cover of Blondie’s ‘Heart of Glass’ and we can’t thank her enough for including it in this album too. She injects soul and style into the song without disrupting its original form, just like on ‘Zombie’ how she layers in another level of semi-haunting vocals. The star-studded collaborations don’t stop there with pop princess Dua Lipa complimenting the sing-a-long ‘Prisoner’, and rock legend Billy Idol on punk track ‘Night Crawling’. 

A few tracks in the album seem misguided, with the slower songs sometimes missing the mark compared to the raw vulnerability in ‘Never Be Me’. The sex noise interludes in ‘Bad Karma’ also make for less than easy listening, but ultimately add to the unmarred Cyrus authenticity. 

Plastic Hearts serves as a fun and refreshing reminder to let you be you.

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AUTHOR: Sophie McNally
Deputy Editor, History undergraduate, UB's The Spectrum alum and former KultureHub staff writer.

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