Album Review: SG Lewis - times

Sophie McNally reviews the debut album from English singer-songwriter SG Lewis.

Sophie McNally
1st March 2021

Times’ vibrant, semi-psychedelic, album art perfectly embodies the album’s entire feel: non-stop funk, that forces you to throw on some velvet flares.

All ten songs have similar beats and guitar riffs throughout - this doesn’t give way to monotony or soulless beats though. It thankfully translates into a range of quintessential summer beats, that scream at you to roll your car window down, and let everyone else join in on the fun. With his previous releases like Dawn or Dusk only having a handful of songs, this album feels like the perfect way to catapult Lewis into the limelight of the current funk music revival - with songs like BTS’ 'Dynamite' and the Weekends’ 'Blinding Lights'

Each song is textured with a certain amount of layers present, which really helps Times reach the summer and feel-good vibe Lewis aims for. Keynote songs like 'Feed the Fire' hit just the right note with a textured summer feel, whilst songs like 'Back to Earth' present themselves as a blended genre of amped-up low-fi, if that even exists? Notably, some of his songs can give off too much of a sameness, and his plethora of features can sometimes force Lewis into the background of his own creations. Though one song segueing into the next seems purposeful and creates an air of seamlessness, I would really love more of Lewis’ direct stamp on things, like his most intimate and sincere moment on the album with the melodic: Fall. 

Despite his wise choice to edit his original album title (Chic-derived Good Times) given the current circumstances, this album really rings true to that initial name in style, feel and execution. If you ever need a groove-based pick-me-up, look no further. Dance your heart out!


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AUTHOR: Sophie McNally
Deputy Editor, History undergraduate, UB's The Spectrum alum and former KultureHub staff writer.

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