Album Review: 'TRUSTFALL' by Pink

Pop goodness Pink releases her ninth studio album TRUSTFALL.....

Jessica Mckeown
27th February 2023
Set to perform at Sunderland's Stadium of Light this June, pop royalty Pink has released her ninth studio album TRUSTFALL. Inspired by personal events in her life such as her father's death and her children becoming ill, TRUSTFALL is a heartfelt album that balances meaningful lyrics and addictive tunes (a staple of hers).

I was first introduced to Pink's music with the release of her 2008 single 'So What' and I am glad that I continue to be drawn back to her music fifteen years on. Pink has an incredible voice and you can always feel the emotion behind every single song. This album is no exception. Collaborating with The Lumineers, First Aid Kit and Chris Stapleton, this album will surely be listened to on repeat and will surely secure award nominations.

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The titular song 'TRUSTFALL' (all capitals, not just for emphasis on my end) takes on a drastically different feel to the more reflective 'When I Get There', which kicks off the album and is a clear ode to Pink's late father. 'TRUSTFALL' has a catchy synth tune that will definitely be amazing to blast in the car with the windows rolled down. Shame I can't drive.

Speaking of catchy, 'Never Gonna Not Dance Again' is one of the catchiest on the album. Accurately described as "an upbeat anthem" in a review from iHeart, the song released back in November and reminds me of Justin Timberlake's 'Can't Stop The Feeling' (from Trolls). Hear me out, both are catchy "upbeat anthems" about dancing when you feel like it.

Her slower songs have always been emotionally charged, appealing to emotions and experiences that her audience can relate to

The album's slower songs include 'Lost Cause' and 'Our Song', which showcases Pink's incredible vocals accompanied by a piano. Whilst it is usually Pink's more upbeat songs that have remained popular in the past (case in point: 'So What' and 'Funhouse'), her slower songs have always been emotionally charged, appealing to emotions and experiences that her audience can relate to. The love Pink has for her children and husband ooze out of her lyrics.

In my eyes (or ears) Pink has never put out a disappointing song or album and she certainly isn't going to start. TRUSTFALL is probably the first of Pink's albums I have listened to in a single sitting and I look forward to seeing her at Sunderland this June.

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