Amazon deforestation reached new worrying record in January

Amazon deforestation has reached a new worrying record in January, when the amount of trees cut down was bigger than seven times the size of Manhattan.

Cc Lee
1st March 2022
Amazon rainforest - Credits: Wikimedia Commons
The Amazon has had an increased amount of deforestation since the beginning of January, which is bigger than seven times the size of Manhattan.

Not only did many counties agree to stop deforestation by 2030, but the effects are now already affecting Climate Change and increasing the rate of the crisis. Many climate activists are calling out Brazil’s President Bolsonaro for increasing the rate of deforestation at such a crucial time of the movement.

The majority of the deforestation that is happening, is done to allow cattle to graze upon the land, which increases the amount of co2 emissions as well as green House gases. Most of the wood is used in manufacturing new products which is frustrating to environmentalists as finite resources are still being used at catastrophic rates.

A short documentary about deforestation in the Amazon rainforest - Credits: SkyNews

This is also having a major effect on the indigenous peoples living in the rainforest who are trying to protect the forest from the devastating effects of climate change and the alternating biodiversity that is taking place. This can cause a strain on food materials and how they derive their living.

The President of Brazil should be taking measures to conserve the rainforest, and not be increasing measures to destruct it. Not only is this extremely infuriating, this action is doing much to undermine the resources available about climate change, whilst limiting the effectiveness of climate activists.

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