American Horror Story: The Best Season, revealed

As hard as the question remains, we take a look at the possible best season of American Horror Story and the reasons behind it.

Olivia Carter
19th October 2022
Image Credit: IMDB
The best season of American Horror Story is constantly up for debate; whilst Murder House often gets the top spot, others swear by 1984. Taking into account my own personal loves, it is safe to say that my favourite has to be Coven or Hotel.

Whilst Coven explores the complexities of friendship and delves into detailed historical context, Hotel indeed has Lady Gaga. On this occasion, I believe Coven takes the top spot overall, however; Lady Gaga holds Hotel on her shoulders throughout the entire season, providing entertainment consistently, it is clear that Coven takes this one step further, delving deep into female autonomy through witchcraft and the dangers of holding too high a power. We follow Zoe who finds out she is a witch and later joins the Supreme at Miss Robichaux’s Academy, meeting other witches on the way, as they deal with the turmoil and troubles of leading a ‘normal’ life with such powers.

The emphasis on female empowerment places this season at the top

I feel, personally, that this season tops the others as whilst remaining creepy and in the AHS canon, it strays slightly, almost seeming like a teen flick, allowing us to enjoy the company of the characters that we see on screen; the emphasis on female empowerment also places this season at the top, with a mostly female lead cast, setting it apart from its predecessors, Murder House and Asylum. The question still remains, however, which is truly the best season? With such subjectivity, it is almost impossible to know which is truly the best; what is your favourite season?

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