An Introduction to Amie Blu

We look into the new South London musician Amie Blu...

Laura Kasongo
21st October 2022
Credit: Facebook @Amie Blue
Hailing from South London, 19-year-old R&B artist Amie Blu sends us on a levitating journey with her Debut EP ‘5 for U’. Consisting of her first three singles and two new additions, Blu’s smooth style has Cleo Sol level soul, a Daniel Caesar effortlessness and a Lianne La Havas touch. Whilst as skilful as these influences, her music is the perfect autumnal cup of coffee in its own right; rich with talent and adding that warmth to a walk in the park.

The title ‘5 for U’ could be both a direct address to us, the listener, or to the romantic interest which is central to the EP.

Opening with ‘All For You’, the speaker gently guides us into self-reflection on their relationship with a significant other. It begins with the strumming of a guitar and soft violin; the bright guitar being reminiscent of plucking hopeful heartstrings in contrast, but merged to, the nostalgic violin. Blu lyrically also connects both past and present in the chorus, with lines ‘Never know what to say, never right time or place, never know what to do, never enough for you’ repeated in echo over the reflective ‘I gave it all for you’. There is beauty in the subtle melancholy of the speaker, reminding us of nostalgia’s bittersweet sour candy.

‘Another Lifetime’ picks up the pace with chords and a steady drum beat, yet that eloquent yearning still remains. Even the blunt starting reality of ‘Good enough to fuck but what about to love?’ has a delicious sadness, with the juxtaposing angelic delivery of ‘fuck’ but snappy ‘love’. In ‘This Time’, Blu adds multilingual texture to the track with French lines such as ‘Je ne dors pas quand on ne se parle pas’ (meaning ‘I can’t sleep when we’re on bad terms’). Though repeating the first line, the use of the romance language gives ‘This Time’ a magical fluidity that reflects the speaker’s rose-tinted perspective that love can prevail even ‘avec les faux larmes’ (with your fake tears). ‘Like That’ slows the EP back down and Blu herself describes the track as one ‘finding comfort in the bad’.

‘5 for U’ concludes with ‘Are We Alright?’, expressing the universal feeling that ‘You’re all that I don’t want but I need’ which ultimately ties up the EP’s themes. Predictably the next quintessential break-up album to sit in a blanket to, Amie Blu’s impressive debut should be one added to your Spotify playlists this autumn and beyond.
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AUTHOR: Laura Kasongo
Arts Sub-editor, Poet and Photographer.

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