An introduction to Fontaines D.C.

One of our writers looks at why you need to be listening to Fontaines D.C....

Chantelle Badhan
6th December 2022
Credit: Facebook @Fontaines D.C.
With less than 1 million monthly listeners on Spotify, Fontaines D.C. are a band that I highly recommend to anyone who is open to music of a remarkable essence. The Irish post-punk band have a distinct sound that is unique to anything I’ve ever heard before. Influenced and brought together by a common love of poetry, Fontaines combine their passion with music to create a gritty, urban sound and narrative. 

The band’s debut album Dogrel, released in 2019 consists of the catchy, head-bopping tunes; ‘Boys in the Better Land’ and ‘Sha Sha Sha’, (which you should definitely listen to if you haven’t already). The lead singer Grian Chatten embraces his Dublin accent when singing, captivating any listeners and expressing the feel of the band’s lifestyle whilst representing where they’re from. The title of the album is an homage to Doggerel which is working class Irish poetry and essentially means ‘poetry of the people’ making the band very political when it comes to their views on capitalism in Dublin, and the problems with the Irish government which they express as a muse for their music.

Credit: YouTube @Fontaine D.C.

A Hero’s Death is Fontaines second album which was released in 2020 and immediately starts with a grungy, alternative toned song which features Grian’s weirdly addictive melodramatic voice singing ‘I Don’t Belong’. The consistent nihilistic energy that is woven into every album by Fontaines D.C. along with the anachronistic feel is what differentiates the band from commercialised music that dominates the industry as of today.

It is undeniable that the band deserve more appreciation for making high quality music

‘Skinty Fia’ is by far my favourite album by Fontaines D.C. simply because of the lugubrious vibe that the songs radiate. This album was made to listen to in the winter, when the days are cold, dark and gloomy and you are walking through a low-lit area with ‘Roman Holiday’ blasting on full volume in your headphones. Witnessing songs from ‘Skinty Fia’ live at Reading festival was an experience that influenced me to listen to the whole of the Fontaines D.C. discography after being in an atmosphere that I will never forget.

Although Fontaines D.C. have been recognised and rewarded for their successes by winning an NME award and being nominated for a Grammy and Brit award, it is undeniable that the band deserve more appreciation for making high quality music that can be listened to on repeat and still wouldn’t get bored of.

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