An introduction to... The Beaches

Lucy Bower gives a rundown on her favourite grunge-rock band

Lucy Bower
17th October 2021
@thebeachesband on Instagram
The effortlessly cool and colourful grunge band The Beaches are one that everyone should be listening to right now. The four-piece from Toronto create a refreshing image for the rock’n’roll genre and take female power to a new level.

Formed back in 2013, this band have created a discography that is packed to the brim with attitude, aggression, and power. With two sisters fronting the band, there is a clear connection that runs throughout that creates tight riffs, close harmonies, and unyielding rhythms.

Much of their music is a subtle love letter to where they grew up – in an east Toronto neighbourhood called the Beaches. It’s a decision that makes the band even more personal, with their main focus on growing up.

After self-releasing two dynamic EP’s, 2017 saw the debut of their first album ‘Late Show’. The 12-song collection was the reassurance that rock fans needed that The Beaches were onto something big. Two singles ‘Money’ and 'T-Shirt’ reached #1 on the Billboard Rock Chart for nine weeks. Not too shabby.

Following this success, 2019 saw a new EP ‘The Professional’, which gathered plenty of attention (and rightly so). It is the EP that houses my personal favourite of theirs – ‘Fascination’. This track is one that will certainly get you riled up and ready for anything. If you’re in need of a song capable of empowering you into feeling prepared, then this is the one. Attitude seeps through the vocals as lead singer Jordan Miller sings under power-hungry guitars and angsty drums.

But The Beaches haven’t stopped there. Just this year they have released yet another EP. ‘Future Lovers’ contains five more alt-rock songs that combine honest lyrics with brutal instrumentals.

Talking about this EP, lead guitarist Kylie Miller says, ‘It’s more about our experiences as young adults and Toronto in general, going out to different bars”.

What makes The Beaches great is their complete honesty. There is no hiding, and they truly represent female experiences within their daily lives. Listening to their music often feels like talking to a good friend. ‘Snake Tongue’ is a particularly apt song that relates experiences of casual sexual harassment within women’s lives.

The grunge quartet are notorious for their energetic live shows – like any rock band should be. Chaotic mosh pits to their music are almost guaranteed to end in bruises (but who doesn’t like a battle scar from a mosh pit). The Beaches have only got more and more to come.

For fans of Blondie, HAIM, The Strokes

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