Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Coming to Mobile Devices in Late November

It's almost time to give Tom Nook your real hard-earned money.

Sophie Hicks
6th November 2017
Image: Nintendo UK

After the huge success of mobile apps such as Pokémon GO, Nintendo have announced a mobile game from one of their most beloved series, Animal CrossingAnimal Crossing: Pocket Camp.

At the end of November, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp will release on Android and iOS, giving Tom Nook the ability to take your real-life money through the in-app purchase of resources such as Leaf Tickets, which enable you to obtain new materials to improve your campsite.

Pocket Camp focuses on building a campsite and crafting furniture for it for the various animals of the Animal Crossing world to visit. You can craft furniture by gaining resources through completing tasks for the animals, such as catching fish or shaking trees to collect fruit. They then give you rewards that you can redeem to craft furniture to improve your campsite, therefore attracting more adorable visitors. Unlike other Animal Crossing games, you have a friendship bar with characters and the higher the level of friendship, the more they will visit!

you can explore various areas on a map, giving you the option of new places, such as an island, beach, forest and river

Instead of the usual Animal Crossing town, you can explore various areas on a map, giving you the option of new places, such as an island, beach, forest and river. This incorporates all of the elements of the towns from previous games, but is compact enough to visually fit on to a phone screen. Instead of a house to decorate, you have your own camper van which can be customised, and the alternative for shops are camper vans with stalls outside them where you can purchase items that you cannot craft normally.

Image: Nintendo UK

Image: Nintendo UK

Whilst it is very different to other games in the series, it is still familiar as it has the memorable characters, with an added bonus of the furniture choices of Happy Home Designer. If you love the series, or if you are looking for a relaxing game, be sure to download Animal Crossing Pocket Camp when it is released!

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AUTHOR: Sophie Hicks
Former TV Sub-Editor for The Courier and BA Media Communication and Cultural Studies graduate

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