Another one bites the crust: Slice Wars 2023

Read on to get a slice of last weekend's action...

Mia Dale
8th May 2023
Newcastle’s famous food battles are back! Slice Wars took place at Wylam Brewery in Exhibition Park on Friday 28th and Saturday 29th April; an event to determine the best pizza in Newcastle.  With music, beers, cocktails, and pizza – what more could you want? 

How does it work?

Upon arrival, you can purchase tokens for £4, each equating to one slice of pizza – these can be returned at the end if you don’t use them, so it’s worth getting a few! But you don’t have to go straight to the pizza, of course. The brewery has an endless selection of ciders, cocktails, gins, and even a wall of beer taps! 

Whilst there is seating both outdoors and indoors, the pizza stalls are set up outside, so you can walk around to spot your favourite slice. Each stall has two options, generally one meaty and one vegan, so there is something for everyone. We headed straight to “I Scream For Pizza”, which has to be my winner – a vodka bacon sauce with mozzarella, Sicilian fennel sausage, pepperoni, red onion, and a chilli honey drizzle. The sweet and spicy with a pillowy dough was the perfect combination. We then tried “Square”, a Detroit-style, extremely cheesy slice of pizza. If you love a thick, doughy base, this one is for you - loaded with tomato sauce, a LOT of cheese and ricotta flowers.

Image credit: Daisy Harrison

We headed straight to “I Scream For Pizza”, which has to be my winner

There are benches outside with heaters and fairy lights, so you can work your way through the brewery menu until the early hours of the morning – the perfect environment to de-stress after a long week.  

Don’t worry if you missed out, though – there are many more food battles to come throughout summer, including the ‘Mexican Stand Off’ and the ‘Argie Bhaji’!

Image credit: Mia Dale
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