Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury sign a two fight agreement

Exciting advancements in the upcoming bout between Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua

Joe Smith
22nd June 2020
Instagram @gypsyking101, Wikimedia Commons, Piqsels
UK heavyweight boxing superstars Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury have apparently signed a two fight deal, according to everyone's favourite promoter Eddie Hearn.

The boxing champs are now prepared to fight over the world heavyweight title. Serious business.

Nothing has been completely decided yet, other than that the fights will be happening, hopefully in 2021.

After a spectacular performance against Deontay Wilder earlier this year, Tyson Fury showed his incredible prowess and determination, making a mockery of Wilder and making the otherwise brilliant boxer look like a rookie. With a third and final match between these two fighters set to come some point next year, or later this year if we're lucky, its fair to say that the AJ fight will be on the backburner. However, this doesn't leave Joshua with a bit more time to focus on Fury orientated training, as he too has another fight on the cards against Kubrat Pulev, leaving the two boxers in fairly even positions.

Not much else is known abut these two fights, other than that they will happen, hopefully regardless of the results of the two matches in between. As for the venue, no one is quite sure. There will always be rumours of matches being held in Saudi Arabia as "that's where the money is", or dreams of the two UK champions battling it out in the fabled Wembley Stadium.

But, chances are, it could be held anywhere. It's the world heavyweight champions battling it out and it just so happens they're both from the UK. It's a fight so many places will want to hold. My guess would be the first fight will be in the UK, and the second is anyone's guess. Perhaps LA.

Saudi Arabia would seem to be the most obvious to me, but I reckon a lot of people will be putting bids in to hold these fights all over the world.

There is still little known and a lot left to be decided, but lets hope it gets sorted soon, so we can see what just might be the fights of the century.

Featured image: Instagram via @gypsyking101, Wikimedia Commons, Piqsels.

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