Apex Construct receives boosted sales due to confused buyers

Shawn Khoo explores the confusion some gamers have experienced when trying to pick up the hit new battle royale, Apex Legends.

Shawn Khoo
4th March 2019
Image Credit: IGDB

In an oddly humorous twist, a VR game with a similar title to the explosively popular battle royale Apex Legends had experienced a 4000% increase in page views on Steam along with more sales in the past week than they had in the entirety of 2018.

Apex Construct, released by Fast Travel Games in March of last year, is a singleplayer VR RPG where the player wields a futuristic bow and a deployable energy shield to face off against robotic foes while uncovering the mysteries of the surrounding world.

While a short glance at the world of Apex Construct may look similar to the futuristic, dystopian environment of Apex Legends, that is as far as the similarities go. The gameplay of the former is solid and quite representative of the VR gaming genre but it is still a far cry from the fast-paced battle royale that is Apex Legends.

They received numerous complaints from non-English-speaking buyers who “feel they have been scammed”.

Moreover, Apex Construct comes with a price tag of £24.99 on Steam, as opposed to how Apex Legends is a free-to-play title on Origin, EA’s competing platform.

It no wonder then that one of the developers from Fast Travel Games took to Reddit to share this “funny story”, stating how they received numerous complaints from non-English-speaking buyers who “feel they have been scammed”. He also voiced his worries, discussing the negative reviews on the Steam store page whilst also cheekily adding that “Most likely [the sold units] will be refunded, but our books look pretty good at the moment”.

While this certainly is a strange aftereffect of Apex Legends’ rise in playerbase, the outlook for Apex Construct is mostly positive. After all, any publicity for the slowly growing genre of VR games definitely helps and Apex Construct is not too bad of a game either.

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