Are they really 'too good to be true'?

Sometimes the people we're dating might not be as picture-perfect as they seem

Katie McNeill
22nd November 2021
Image: Pixabay
So you have met them…the perfect fit, right? You're bragging to your flatmates and family - probably even confessing your obsession for them to a complete stranger in ‘Market Shaker’ toilets, too. “They are perfect!" you say. Too good to be true ... surely?

As a fellow single student, I have to say I've been guilty of this. Meeting someone and instantly thinking ‘could they be the one?’. Thinking about them constantly and feeling like I am fifteen again with a huge crush! However, with increasing maturity, I've begun to ask myself, 'am I actually only seeing what I want to see?'.

'Blinded by love' is a metaphor we can all relate to. We can easily romanticise situations and create ideals in our heads whilst ignoring one too many red flags. You could meet someone and think they are too good to be true – however, you have to ask yourself – are they really too good to be true if you are the only person who thinks so? I doubt their flatmates or family think this. Are you merely searching for a love shown on film screens or written in books… and does that even exist? Maybe we have all read too many Sally Rooney novels ...

The odds are that if we have high expectations, we will end up being disappointed – we need to remember that people are only human and no one is perfect.

The truth is, we only ever know somebody as well as they want us to know them. Mr or Mrs ‘perfect’ could be portraying an unrealistic version of themselves with the hopes of getting your desirable attention. Why are they making such an effort to look perfect to us – are they overcompensating? What are they hiding? Chances are we only ever know a certain percentage of what someone is really like. The odds are that if we have high expectations, we will end up being disappointed – we need to remember that people are only human and no one is perfect.

Image: Pixabay

You may think my view is negative, but I believe I am being realistic. When you think back to meeting somebody for the first time - was your first impression correct? Or did you fall for something you had created in your head? A lot of heartbreak can be avoided if we pay attention to our ability to create and live in a fantasy. We should take our time getting to know someone - and not sacrifice our future happiness by ignoring warning signs. We all want a happy ending, but shouldn’t we be looking for someone who is unapologetically honest, confident in themselves, and embracing of their flaws, rather than someone whose aim is to create a false image?  

To conclude, I believe that when you meet someone you really like, you are allowed to be excited! There is no harm in having a crush and living in the moment of being young. You can enthusiastically tell your family and friends and indulge in the newness of the situation. But, in the back of your mind, I believe we should all remember – if someone seems like they are too good to be true – they really aren’t, simply because no one is.

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