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Leanna Thomson heads to CatPawCino, a cat cafe on the Tyne, to try out their 'drawing with cats' event.

Leanna Thomson
26th October 2020
Last Thursday, I had the pleasure of attending Catpawcino’s ‘Drawing with Cats’ evening for The Courier Arts. As a self-proclaimed crazy cat lady and art addict, I felt that this event was made for me. It was the perfect wellness activity to end a long week of returning to the whirlwind of student life.

I was apprehensive upon arrival; it had been a while since I last picked up the pencil. However, the relaxing atmosphere meant that I eased right into the drawing, and remembered why I had enjoyed it so much in the past. My caricature of Hugo, a grumpy, emerald-eyed exotic shorthair with apricot fur, received many giggles, and even made it onto their Instagram!

The Cat Cafe has a beautiful range of breeds and adorable characters. The stand-out performances include Flora, the sad-eyed silver shorthair in my second drawing, Alfie, the alpha-male with aqua eyes and Ebby, the curly-eared queen of the castle. At £6, it’s also kind to a student budget.

Credit: Leanna Thomson

CatPawCino are hosting more drawing events soon, and has recently welcomed a brand new kitten. So if you’re a creative cat-lover, and miss your furry felines at home as much as me, don’t miss out!

Featured image: Leanna Thomson

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