Backpacking made simple: the essential, must-have items

Josh Blackburn shares his backpacking essentials to make the most out of your next backpacking adventure

Josh Blackburn
13th February 2020
Feature Image Credit: Vishwajeet Singh Rajput from Pexels (made on Canva)
Backpacking is quickly becoming the favourite means of travel among students. Being much cheaper than your standard holiday, backpacking facilitates seeing much more of the world for a fraction of the price. So, you're planning your next trip... what should you pack? Here are my essentials to make the most out of your backpacking adventure!

Water bottle

Although backpacking provides the adventure of a lifetime, allowing you to see corners of the world you never thought existed, it can also be pretty tiring - ensure that you stay hydrated for maximum travel gratification, whilst protecting the natural beauty that you are exploring, one bottle at a time.

Image Credit: evita-ochel from Pixabay

Travel toilet paper

Until you have visited pockets of the world such as the magnificent South East Asia or the wilderness of the Amazon, you will never be able to appreciate the value of toilet roll and the satisfaction that hygiene brings. The efficiency of travel toilet paper means that without the cardboard cylinder, there is additional room in your backpack for your favourite souvenirs (or clothes!).

Image Credit: Bru-nO from Pixabay

Power bank

Imagine you are alone and lost in a capital city, unable to converse in the native language, without Google Translate or Google Maps because your phone is out of charge…immunise yourself against this potential situation by always carrying a portable charger!

Image Credit: Marco Verch from Flickr


For those impromptu night-time adventures.

Image Credit: Evan-Amos from Wikicommons

Disposable Camera

Gone are the days of worrying whether your digital camera has enough battery to last you all of the natural splendour that that day has to bring. Vintage disposables have many benefits, not only are spontaneous snaps a great social activity, they also allow you to reflect on your travels, when you return suffering from travel blues. I urge you to upgrade o a waterproof for those edgy underwater pics.

Image Credit: from Flickr


If you happen to be staying in hostels, nothing shouts security more than a padlock (even if it’s flimsy and pathetic, it’ll do the job of deterring intruders!).

Image Credit: Baggage Master from Wikicommons

Ear plugs

A definite must-have for long-term travellers. After a while, the novelty of hostel noises will most definitely wear off. Indulge in the luxury of two little bits of foam to protect yourself from rustling bags, snoring, or even intimate grunts!

Image Credit: Simon A. Eugster from Wikicommons

Feature Image Credit: Vishwajeet Singh Rajput from Pexels (made on Canva)

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